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Can You Believe PIP have requested a Second Visit


Hi Everyone hope you are all well and safe.

I had what I thought was a PIP assessment, I manged to get to the office with my carer on friday 12 October 2018. it was horrible the women did not ask me much, she could see how much I was distressed and the pain in my ribs. I was unable to speak and she understood I should not had been there. We where in there for about half an hour and she let us go.

So today while still recovering a text came through asking me to attend an appointment on 2nd November 2018 at 9.00am . I called up and explained are they aware I the following Eosinophilic asthma, Emphysema with gas trapping, anaemia.

I requested a home visit and she said I would have to attend the appointment, I explained I am with Royal Brompton and my Local Hospital as well as the GP. I explained we are waiting on NICE to give us the funding, she was not interested..

Seriously don't know what todo all I want to do is cry... why are they doing this to me ... I am so tried and just cant ... CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE....

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Phone them again and say you are too ill to attend request a home visit. They should have not denied you this when you asked before see paragraph 1.6.68 you can quote this ie 1.6.69 - makes it extremely difficult for you to travel.

Better still if your doctor can back you on this in the form of a letter.

monju in reply to Bkin

Thank you Bkin, the way I feel at the moment I want to tell them "I am done with there stupid assessments, I would rather live on the streets then have to do this rubbish, at least I can die in peace without them asking stupid questions" Thank for your link I will speak to the GP she did write a letter and they refused it , which was why I had to go...

just so low and tried by it all.. Another battle to contend with.

hypercat54 in reply to monju

It's not right is it and I am sorry you are having to go through this. They hope though that people will just give in so they can save money and claim the rules have weeded out scammers. I know it's tempting but try and keep going.

You need to see your doctor and tell him/her what's going and and requesting a letter for a home visit. x

monju in reply to hypercat54

Thank you hypercat will try my best.

I am so sorry that you find yourself in such a distressing situation.

Can you ring the BLF helpline on Monday.....they have a benefits advisor. They are open during working hours .

03000 030 555

Citizens Advice can help too.

I know it can feel difficult to keep on fighting when feeling poorly.....sending you best wishes .

monju in reply to knitter

Good evening knitter, thank you for your kind words. Will do so on Monday promise will try not to give up.. ☺️


I would not dispair really the doing it to everyone MUST be on power drive minister in charge ... is shocking tricks lies lack of interested these asseors are showing.

On my assessment I told clown my arms going numb following never injury as am unsteady and bumb into stuff.

He said I had no issues with balance AND that’s amazing as I never left couch BUT that’s how filling in forms now.

Also he said I never had leg swelling YET I get support stockings for leg swelling AND my assessor he use to be paramedic.

Is disgrace really what’s going on AND these gps falling to support patients am sure that’s comes under quality care commission remit.

monju in reply to Hidden

Wow jeffjaxsmith... That's disgusting how they treated you, so sorry to read they treated you so nasty... Thank you so much will take your words aboard.

Wishing you strength and the very best of luck, monju. Hopefully this will be the last lap now. Big hug xx

monju in reply to Yatzy

Thank you for your support and 🤗.

Phone and speak to the manager or supervisor of the department. Explain your situation sndvyou want to request home visit I have copd and anxiety problems and they came out to me. You do have to push them a bit they don't make things easy got. Good luck. X

monju in reply to Spacecat1

Morning izxirik I shall try on Monday, thank you for your support.

monju in reply to monju

Sorry izxirik.

Hi sorry you are being asked to attend another assessment, you could ask the Royal Brompton to give them a call or send a fax to them requesting a home visit..Please don't give up, I had an assessment and then my pip was stopped, I had a reconsideration which was declined, I appealed and went to the Tribunal, it too 40 weeks for my case to be heard, but was worth it my pip was reinstated and they had to pay me back all those months..So keep on fighting for what you're entitled to .. Good Luck

monju in reply to joycet

Morning Joyce, I have been declined a home visit, however no harm in asking Brompton. Thanks will address this on Monday.

Hi you have a right to be assessed at home , insist on it . Fair enough you may have to wait longer but that is better than being so stressed out you can't think. What they put us through when ill is horendous and from what you say the system has not changed only the paperwork and employees that administer the rules.Take care and don't let them mess you about.

Morning Katieoxo, your words and everyone else are so supportive. Pip v's sick another battle.

Morning monju, This is getting worse for lots of people at this time. When I applied the first time I had to go to them in our Town centre with all the Fumes of the City and in a Wheelchair, had my Mask on & Oxygen. My Lung Consultant was so angry, she wrote to them. My Second Assessment was at Home. She was very Good, took half an hour, I live in a Council Bungalow for The Disabled, I was granted the higher Mobility PIP, but not the Domestic this is the lower award, I know now I should have the Higher Living allowance, but it is too much Trouble to reaply. You must keep on at them and the More letters you can produce the better. ...or maybe their Attitude Today ,Like everywhere else is "I don't care" Fight for what you should have. Good Luck Hun. xxxx

Morning Hacienda, thank for your support, will try and fight until the end. Just so rubbish, on all my letters it states we are waiting for trail drugs and funding. How can you fake a disease, that will only get worse... 😱 Shall keep your words with me and fight.

Keep safe and stay well.

Good Girl. XXX Love n Hugs XXX

keep fighting as i had to fight for pip after they decided i am not deaf anymore!!!!???

monju in reply to scoobiematt

Hi Scoobiematt, thank you will keep fighting. Thank you.

I concur with all that has been said, you must insist on a home visit as you are unable to travel given your illness it is too stressful and the last interview you attended caused so much stress the interview only lasted 30 minutes. Phone and insist on a home visit IF a further interview is still required. Furthermore, if a home visit is required then make sure you have someone with you. Your local council should have a welfare rights person, phone and ask and request a visit from them giving all relevant information they will keep you right and advise you. Please don't give up as this is what they want saves money. Let us know how you get on.

Remember all info on pip form should be how you are on your worst day and any letters from GP AND CONSULTANT is relevant the more the better. Good luck.


monju in reply to Tarapup5

Morning Tarapup5 thank you some good advise there. I will take aboard your suggestions and give them a call.

Thank you

Get in touch with your MP they have to know about these bad behaviour from the DWP

monju in reply to Offcut

Morning Offcut, I have spoken to MP he was going to send a letter, thank you so much.

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