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Flu jab etc Aria on yellow alert 😉

Hi 👋

Just had Fluarix Tetra, 4 strains flu jab for immunodeficient patients. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to integrate your system!

Then Infectiologist confirmed the Prevnar 13 anti-pneumonia jab I did in 2016 is the best one on the market, so every 5 years.

My body will make antibodies against the strange bird and I will cough and expectorate it..it comes out through mucus..

Hope so..😃

Mum is having her op on Friday now as her foot was too infected so she is at home on antibiotics. So I am thinking to go down as soon as she is out..I need to gather strength my friends..

Plus saw the weather is disastrous down there I have to wait till the trains work etc

Hope you are all well xx


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That’s the one made by GSK and on the list of those available to GPs in the UK. They have been given such a problem this year because whereas they have about 8 suppliers of the quadrivent vaccine to choose from (which are all the same with no additives) and can negotiate on price with manufacturers, there is only one three virus adjuvated vaccine available for the over 65s, from one suppliers so no movement on price.

I hope that it keeps you safe and good luck with the rare bird!

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Ok..this one is recommended for patients on steroids..

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Yes great. Probably more expensive because made by GSK. You deserve it.

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Thank you. GSK Lab is down the road!

Last year I had Mutagrip. I don’t know who made it. It worked anyway.

The respiratory specialist orders them and I pick it up from the pharmacy. I don’t usually pay the jabs as I have 2 rare diseases now!

I don't know about yellow alert but Aria certainly looks like she is on something?poor travelling homeless moggie,all she wants is to be reunited with her memere,could it be she senses that bird virus you have acquired,hopefully soon to be 'Expectorated' don't you just love that word and banished for good from an already challenged Happy Fran body.

hope your Mum is comfortable and her op on Friday gives her much relief.

Love ski's and scruff's xx

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Phantom Aria..Dr. Who must be on her case!!

Ok let’s see what France can do against Iceland tonight.. will I last or not^^

Good evening Skis 🎿 xx

Take care.

Thinking of you Fran and glad you will be protected.

Wish I could see Aria, but I can’t! Xxx 😺🐈😏

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skischool in reply to sassy59

Aria has her eyes wide open and they look like huge buttons glued to her face quite comical indeed. Frans official Narrator Ski's lol :) xx

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sassy59 in reply to skischool

Yes I’ve got her now thanks skis. You’re an excellent narrator🤩xxxx

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skischool in reply to sassy59

Apologies to Fran for using the word official lol.xxx

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sassy59 in reply to skischool

👍😘😀 xxx

Good luck Fran, I hope your mum will be ok. Take care 😃

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Thanks Majt 😊

Supplies very low in my area, but eventually sorced a pharmacy who had some. We were given the vaccine for the over 65’s but who the manufacturer was I have no idea,

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Oh that’s strange..yes I think we are having the four strains this year as last year was a disaster..the usual sore arm but I’ll survive..

Take care x

Wishing your mum all the best for her op and hoping you’ll be strong enough to go visit her.

That’s a great photo of Aria (she’s very photogenic!)

Thank Godness the beautiful Aria is on yellow alert!!

Hoping all will be fine for you, as it most probably will be.

Wishing your mother a easy time with her surgery.

Give Aria a cuddle from me!!

Meg 💕💕

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