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I was doing so good


HI everyone hope you are all doing ok. i was doing great,i did not even use my inhaler one time for a month.mentally was doing fine and then the slightest perception of any problem at all and i slowly start going down hill mentally.even 1 puff after a month if i even think i am having a slight problem and my mind starts to wonder to my dad who has copd and his lungs are at 20%.fear and anxiety start creeping in and i start feeling overwhelmed.will i be like my dad,or will i maintain a fairly mild stage for most of my life.it becomes exhausting at times mentally cause i know i cant live a life of constant breathing problems.i do edibles at times and it relaxes me but the slightest perception of a problem like i said and it is like a snowball going downhill getting bigger and bigger.it really isnt a good way to live life but i cant seem to stop it no matter how long i feel fine.like i said 1 puff gets my mind going and fear creeps in.i was doing edibles almost everyday for a couple of weeks but i thought it was somehow effecting my breathing so i decided to take some time off.i do not think edibles can effect my breathing as long as i am not smoking but sometimes i worry.it just helps me relax but everything in moderation so i am taking some time off.any suggestions on how to stay calm and not get over anxious would be appreciated.

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Hello hope132, sorry you are having anxiety problems. It must be so hard when your dad has lung disease too. Try and focus on how you’re doing each day as you already know how strong you can be. You will have ups and downs but are still doing really well.

Please stay in touch and speak to a doctor if you need to but you’ve got this. Don’t give in or give up. Xxxxx

Sorry to know you’re not doing so well, which somehow is even harder after a period of feeling ok. Anxiety is such a horrible thing. My only way of dealing with anxiety is to find something that completely takes my mind off it. Which is not really possible much of the day because I can’t give my attention to only one thing therefore the anxiety is always in the back of my mind. I try to find something to focus on when I can, like looking at the stars, or reading a magazine that I’m really interested in so it totally grabs all my attention. There is no easy answer but I hope you can find something that helps you.

From experience anxiety is horrible to deal with. Fortunately before my diagnosis of emphysema I had already received help in dealing with the problem. It can be overwhelming if you allow it to be. My advice would be seek advice now on the various coping strategies you could use. Often it is a matter of finding something that works for you.


I’m not sure if what you call edibles can affect your breathing but if they are what I think they are they can seriously affect your state of mind. This could be the reason that you are fixated on breathing problems which may arise. Please get some professional help

I have days like you are experiencing, often out of the blue or during a particularly 'bad' day. I understand how you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Thoughts about the future and how it might be are very frightening.

As HungreyHufflepuff already said, I too find that distraction, if I can find something to distract me from my thoughts, helps the most.

On days when that technique fails me, I just try and ride it out knowing that another day often brings a better frame of mind.

It may help you to get some professional support or counselling. Learning relaxation techniques can also sometimes help. Talking to others on this forum is also a great source of support. I hope that you find something that works for you.

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