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Hello all. Lovely weather today and forecast for tomorrow in the UK. Last throes of summer and a chance to have a Potter round the garden.

Would like to ask if anyone has a solution for my sock dilemma.

My feet and ankles have been swollen for a few weeks now and I have been taking Furosemide. I always wear socks and have had to cut them all to accommodate for my cankles. Does anyone know where I can get socks that are not tight around the ankle? Seems like a small thing but it makes a big difference. Thankyou

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Hi Festie, I buy looser topped socks for Pete from Edinburgh Woollen Mill and you can also buy socks online. Be aware though that some are very loose at the top but EWM are just right. Good luck xxxx

" Hello Festie...I buy my socks from Amazon..they are made by a little company especially for people with diabetes and swollen feet/ ankles/ legs..hope this maybe of some help....Megan..."

Aldi also do a 3 pack of diabetic friendly socks, wide fitting and comfort top, 80% cotton only £2.99 trouble is they stock them all the time. your could check with them online and maybe get a notification when they are going to be available in store or on-line.

The other thing maybe consider, is getting a sock loom and make you own :D Check out Amazon for the sock loom and you tube for the videos :)

Hello Festie, I got these from Amazon: they are diabetic socks.

Hope that helps, Ian.

Glad you posted as I was also wondering where to get loose topped socks - have just ordered some from Amazon so looking forward to warm feet again! xx Moy

I buy relaxed socks from the Cosyfeet catalogue. Visit to find lots of styles, lengths, and materials.

Woo hoo!! Ordered the Amazon ones and they arrived today. Spot on, just what I was looking for. Thankyou

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