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just been diagnosed with cold


does anyone have lower back pain when they walk to fast,

i play a lot of golf but if i keep up with other people or play on hilly courses i get realy bad lower back pain if i stop for a couple of mins it gos, my doctor tells me to keep playing as its good exercise but i end up giving up because I'm in to much pain. but when i walk at my old mans pace im ok, i,m only 56 and its doing my head in. last year before i was diagnosed i could ride my bike about 40 miles with ease although i smoked. i,ve also put on 2 stone since giving up the fags cut my food and drink intake down a lot.

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sorry its a typo its copd

If you’re ok walking at your old man pace playing golf 🏌️‍♀️ then do just that let them play through if it suits. Happy days 😃

Try visiting a registered osteopath or chiropractor to check your back is OK.

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