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How to reduce dust with hall ceiling replacement!


As mild bronchiectasis sufferer am concerned how best to have this done. Some builders say they put a polythene barrier all round the area to come down (lower hall ceiling), but my insurer's builder doesn't seem to know of this method. Would really appreciate advice on this please, as live in very small house and doesn't take much to restore my cough to dog-barking proportions! Thanks so much.

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Never believe a builder! Take up residence in a cosy hotel for a few days whilst it's done.

From over 80 years personal experience.

Very many thanks PMR Pete and UHelga. I really do appreciate this. Yes, a friend has offered a local spare room for the 3 days, and am likely to take them up on the offer. Damp sheets draped over hall banisters may well be good plan too. Will also look into air purifiers. Hope it will be OK to move back in when they've done the work. But thanks again, both.

What a great site this is! Stay well everyone, and dress up warmly with the change of weather.

Hi bronchibronwen, I also think moving out is the safest option, but if you can’t, I’d get a good pm 2.5 mask and wear it until after the builders have cleaned up. If they don’t use a polythene barrier, could you drape old sheets over the doors and dampen them to try and keep the dust in one place? We had a new boiler and new radiators fitted last week and although there wasn’t a huge amount of dust my two air purifiers worked flat out to keep the air clean!

I've had a lot of building work in my homes over the years. It's very rare to find a builder who uses adequate dust sheet or makes little mess. Whether you stay there or not I would definitely pin sheets over all the doorways, stairs and ensure all the doors are kept shut. The dust gets everywhere. I think I'd even cover my bed too - even if the door is kept closed. Good luck with it. P

Have a look at - we had exactly the same a couple of years ago, hall ceiling had to come down after a flood so we just bought a couple of these and asked the builder ( who had also never heard of them) to put them up. I explained about my bronchiectasis and the builders were very good about using them. It made a phenomenal difference to the amount of dust that got round the house ( ie almost zero), so even if you do move out when the work is being done would highly recommend fitting these anyway.

Huge thanks to peege and Iris99. Really am so grateful. Just seen the Amazon reviews and will definitely buy 2 or 3 of these. Very many thanks indeed. Yes covering bed good idea - it's only through engaging with each other like this that I find I'm able to think this through clearly. Brilliant help. Have a great day, everyone.

I would hate to think that I had prevented anyone from rescuing a homeless dog whose only crime was to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if you are elderly and not in good health, which I may wrongly of assumed BB to be, you need to be sure of getting the right dog first time choice. You may not have the time to correct any bad choices or withstand the resulting heartbreak.

What a great collection of replies have resulted from your post BronchyBronwen. 😀

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