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My marathon


Such a lovely day on Saturday, sun shining and no wind so we went out for lunch with Our daughter and the girls down to Oddicombe beach.

I took my old ladies trolley and just as well I did. My scooter would not have worked on the cliff railway.

The walk down to the cliff railway and the exit was difficult as a steep little slope.

Then there was a long way to walk to the restaurant which was much, much further than I remembered.

We sat in the sun and enjoyed our lunch and the girls had a paddle but what

I hadn’t figured in was the walk back from the restaurant to the cliff railway, all uphill and steep in places, but I made it. Thank you Ventolin!

Then just the walk back up to the road whilst my hubby got the car.

A lovely day and best I’ve had for ages.

I expected to be in bed the next day recovering. but I was OK. No aches and pains although quite tired so no challenges just cook the Sunday lunch.

It’s another day today.

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You did really well Jeanrita and I’m glad you’re doing fine. Have a good day. Xxxxx

Sometime we surprise ourselves what we can do in small steps. Sounds like it was good and fun for you all cx

Wow I live round the corner from Oddicombe Beach! I had no idea anyone lived so close. From today though I think you can take the car down and park in the car park there so it will be easier for you. You do need to check it though.

The guy who owns the restaurant there is also the same one who owns The babbacombe Inn. I have had a meal there - it was good but too expensive. I think it is mainly for the grockles! But then aren't most things here.

Well done for managing the walking as it is very steep in parts. My mum always said they should have flattened out the hills before they built on it... x

Jeanrita in reply to hypercat54

Definitely for grockles and far too expensive, two sandwiches, two cheesee chips and a pasta dish.

Drinks : coke , lager, lime & soda and a coffee. £47!

Won’t be going there again but a lovely beach is nice.

hypercat54 in reply to Jeanrita

It is a lovely beach but then it is the main one for the area isn't it? I don't know about you though but I have lots of times seen families with young children picnicking in the closed area under the rocks. There could be other rock falls so I don't know what the parents are thinking of.Even when I would take the dog down there we didn't go in that bit, and the dog could run very fast.

It is a very expensive area for us poor locals isn't it? A pint of Foster lager in any of the Downs pubs is £3.90! Ridiculous. These are London prices for an area where there is a lot of poverty for locals, and many work for the minimum wage. x

I’m desperate to go down to Ansteys Cove but my scooter won’t make it. Hoping I might get a lift from the Cafe owner or the key to open the gate.

Many years ago when I was at school I moaned about walking around the coastline studying rocks.

Wish I could do it today.

As for prices, people will pay anything on holiday. It’s an unwritten law.LOL.

Glad you had such a lovely day.

Jeanrita in reply to Ergendl

Thank you. Something I would have taken for granted before I was ill. Now the smallest things bring such joy and compensate for what I can’t do anymore.

There’s always the flip side.

Polly4acre in reply to Jeanrita

I really miss the beach and the rocky walk down to it and up again. I was given such a thoughtful gift last month by a niece who goes a couple of times a week with her husband. He has a metal detector and loves using it on the sands. She gave me a jam jar containing a bit of sand , tiny pebbles and shells, a couple of pieces of weathered drift wood and a part of his treasure, two ring pulls and a bottle top . Tied around the neck is old tarred string. I keep it on my table and I love it ! She brought the beach to me and it is much admired by anyone who visits. Polly X

Jeanrita in reply to Polly4acre

What a lovely idea.

My daughter has a kayak, my grandson a paddle board, maybe between them they could get me round the cliff!

Or, how’s about hiring a little boat. Now, there’s a thought Polly.

Wow! That's great! Sounds like you had a lovely time out. xx Moy

Well done! xx

What a Lovely time you all had. Yes, I tend to forward plan for scooter or wheelchair, or Just go for it with 02. Silly Thought. We can all think back to when "We could do it" , alas, with our Lungs, we are alive, that's the main thing, But, Reading your "Day Out" it will give us all a Happy Feeling, Thank you For That Jeanrita. Hope you can make it the easy way next time, Let us Know. xxxxx

Sounds like you had a great time...

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