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Surgery May Send Me to the Back of the Queue.

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The Transurethral Urinary Bladder Tumor Resection I had last Wednesday may impede my standing for a lung transplant.

The pulmonologist upon learning of this diagnosis said in order to be on the donor waiting list, you have to be cancer free for at least two years. However, the urologist said the tumors were so superficial, they should be labeled insignificant. The pathology report still has yet to be delivered.

At least I can sleep through the night now, and not be up repeatedly going to the loo for a slash. The past 3 years I’ve had to get up 3 to 5 times a night.

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Glad you can get more uninterrupted sleep now. And hopefully it will not effect your wait for transplant. Take care

Thank you!

Happy for you, You can now Sleep through the night. Are you on the List, or waiting for an assessment? I went on the list after the Nodules on my lung were seen not to grow. I have been waiting for over 2 years , I remain on the List after each 3/ 4 monthly assessment. Hopefully they will find a Match for me . ? Keep Strong and Keep Positive. Best of Luck. xxx

Thank you!

I’m waiting for assessment, to answer your question, Hacienda. I too, have non-growing lung nodules. I had to go to emergency last night because it felt like my catheter was blocked.

They couldn’t change it because it’s a tri-Foley surgical catheter. They didn’t have an ultrasound so they couldn’t determine the size of my bladder.

They irrigated it and concluded I was producing urine into the drainage tube. The nurse said it must be a bladder spasm, but when I mentioned that to the Dr., he just shrugged it off and said look...”You had all that neoplastic tissue removed, there’s still a lot of junk floating around in there.”

He gave me a Rx for Pyridene which is an analgesic. I feel better today. I see the urology surgeon on Thursday.

My theory is that you cut out (burn off, cauterize) the inside lining of the bladder and it starts healing through granulation. Once the initial lining is formed, it has a stiffness due to the “scab.” Then a normal bladder volume starts to feel like a full up bladder because it can’t easily expand.

“That is my theory and what it is too.” ~Monty Python~. lol

At least one problem is sorted. Hope it won't interfere with the other.

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