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ambulantry oxygen


my husband has COPD and has to take with him a small cylinder of o2 which has a pulser and is carried on the back like a back pack but it is so blumming heavy he cannot carry it

and we saw a guy on hols in Devon with a really discrete handbag size bag small and really light weight 5lb in wight lst 3 hours on battery time but is hidden under your coat any one know about this please thankyou so much x

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I have to carry oxygen. I have a small trolley the cylinder fits on. Ask your GP for one. Be lucky.

mabe it was airsep focus which lasts 3 hrs it is smallest in market but only goes to 2ltr pr minute on pulse flow

I use Oxygen and carry a cylinder and (now) also a portable concentrator. This is mainly to save my cylinders whilst we are in the car.

The cylinders don't last very long whereas the concentrator can go for about nine hours.

Even when using my mobility scooter I use the concentrator with a cylinder in a bag that sits on the back of the seat.

The cylinder is to be used if I need to be ambulatory as I need Oxygen at 6litres, but only on 2litres when sitting.

Almost forgot, I also have a trolley from my oxygen provider and a cylinder sits comfortably in it. I mainly use it to go from room to room in our bungalow before I plug into the plumbed in oxygen that I have in all rooms. Much better (and safer) than tubing lying around the house.



You mention small cylinders, is this referring to the paediatric cylinder with round rather than flat bottom.

These are actually lighter than the POC you describe plus they can last longer.

I have used the Baywater site as reference as they are more forthcoming with information.

Most providers will supply the Inogen one G2 comes with trolley, heavy at approx ten pounds.

There are few still testing the inogen one G3 goes to 5lpm on pulse weighs 2.2kg.

A discussion with your respitory/Oxygen team will provide a suitable solution.

I use a five lb. pulse concentrated which goes four hours on battery but can be plugged into the auto lighter to charge. I carry it like a purse but find it heavy. I use a rollator for walks and put it on the seat.

It is an Inogen.

pulse concentrator

Sorry auto correct was active.

Speak to whoever supplies your oxygen. I use a mobility walker which has a bag on the front and I place my cylinder into that so I do not have to carry it.

I use an Imogen on 3 ltr breath activated it last 3 hours if you have a long strap you can put it over your shoulder I also use a rollater for walking and I can carry my equipment in it also ask about liquid oxygen it’s very good last for a good few hours depending on how much you are on it I fill it twice a day very light to carry comes with a bag

Good luck

I use an InogenOne G3 with their large battery option. This normally gives me 8.5 hours at 2 litres per minute.


I was prescribed the Inogen G3 after my recent walking breath test. It weighs just over 2kg and comes in a black case with shoulder strap. I am on 5 litres per minute consequently the battery doesn't last as long as someone who is only on 2 litres per minute. It was supplied by my local NHS, for more information about it, I would suggest you google it.

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