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Another Infection!


Hi Everyone,

May I have a little moan, Suddenly became poorly on Royal Wedding Day (Harry and Megan) at partners home in Winchester, taken to Hospital (Winchester) chest infection,) then recalled to consultant as Streb B infection picked up from blood tests, very well looked after , CT scans of abdomen ,chest, appeared to have cleared up,!til ! went to London with my partner to house and cat sit,!! felt suddenly quite ill, paramedics came resulting in a stay in St George's hospital in Tooting for 8 days cellulitis and strep b, More tests, echocardiogram, CT, sent home with Pic line in and visiting nurse for 7 days, all seemed well until, last w'end enjoyable evening out on 21 with girlfriend, ,next day felt ill, ,thought "oh no here we go again! Dr confirmed just a throat and gland infection, In between all this managed a 14 day hols in Majorca with partner, we parted in 28 July, I did a solo holiday to Bournemouth 3 to 10 August, also took my granddaughter to Majorca for a week Sept 4th, both to help me recover from the break up!! have good female friends and family so really very lucky,incidently my COPD review Sept 14, had improved from last year, so good news, just wonder then why I coughed nearly all night last night, irritating tickle cough, e who managed to get to the end of this messageaway I will just keep taking the tablets, and looking out at this gorgeous sunny day. Thank you to anyone who got to the end of this message,xxx

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Moan away. Hope you feel a bit better now.

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