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New cancer machine treats first patient in UK

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This combination of MRi scanning and radiotherapy may make it easier to target lung cancers tumours which in the past were out of the scope of radiotherapy due to their proximity to other organs that might otherwise have been damaged.

i am sure this article will resonate with some current members undergoing similar treatments.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruffy x

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Sounds like a move in the right direction!! This will help save lives!! Hoping more and more advancements are made, it seemed medicine was stagnant for awhile. I hope this trend keeps moving forward.

Thanks Skis, give a big cuddle to Scuffy for me!!

You two take care!!

Meg xx

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skischool in reply to megshafer

When she has stopped preening herself i will give her that much appreciated hug.

Ski's and her ladyship xx

A significant leap forward in lung cancer treatment. I was lucky, my tumour was not near any vital organs, but it could have been quite easily.

Thanks for sharing that information skis. Sounds promising.

Hope you’re doing well and Scruffy too of course. Xxxxx 😍

Wow this is progress for sure, shame it has taken so long, thanks for sharing and keeping us upto date x

Hi, I wonder how I can get on that list to have my tumour treated ?

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i imagine you would have to speak to your Oncologist to see if you where suitable for that sort of procedure,perhaps you could mention it when you see him/her?

Ski's x

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carolg1 in reply to skischool

I will ski school thanks x

The newest and most effective therapy from Germany:

if we were not talking about such a serious subject i would say the expression laughable comes to mind. :(

I have just received my programme for treatment called VMAT which I believe is the sort you are referring to? So pleased to be accepted on this programme as it damages less of the surrounding lung tissue etc., will let you know how this goes start on the 19 th November so fingers crossed. Would love to hear from anyone who has had this treatment? Wishing all well.

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skischool in reply to E10ly

Wishing you the very best for a successful treatment regime,please keep us all updated with your progress.

Ski's and scruff's

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E10ly in reply to skischool

Will do,thanks for your good wishes.

Well I have had my 2nd VMAT treatment feeling really quite well! A bit of soreness in entry and exit points and a bit tired but not as much as I expected.......the radiologists are excellent and very caring it’s a fascinating machine it’s amazing the progress made on cancer research having my 3rd tomorrow and they think that maybe enough to sort out the tumour! Incredible! Will keep you updated on progress. Hope everybody has a good day today

Excellent news,so glad it went so well,you might like to do a post on why you needed it and the whole procedure,i am sure people would be very interested to hear your story.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's xx

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