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Severe asthma

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Hi thanks for allowing me to join I’m very tired of living my life basically stuck in doors apart from doctors appointments and xolair injections at hospital 2 years ago I had a near fatal attack if my daughter had not been with me I certainly wouldn’t be writing this was actually 1 minute away from dying terrible time coming round to which I don’t think I will ever forget I am severely traumatised and very depressed anxiety that is through the roof Sorry about thre rant x

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Lurcher02 hi. You're allowed to rant, you know. You're quite safe here.



Hi Lurcher02 .

Rant away! You've been through an awful experience. Please do come here often, sharing always helps. And we know what you mean on so many levels.

Sending warm wishes,

Cas xx 🙋🐕

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Welcome Lurcher02, you are free to rant on as much as you like. 😊 Bernadette xx

You’re very welcome here Lurcher, your among friends. Xxxx

Welcome to the group, Lurcher02. Love the name. Lots of us sound off on this site when things are getting tough, 'cause we know others understand and many have been through the same thing. There are some wonderfully supportive people here.

Hello and welcome x

I know how you feel I was on a sailboat in SC USA we just anghored the sailboat fifty knots wind were coming I coughed just like that I couldn't breath.. It was my first one I remembered something about coffee .. My husband did me up a coffee and a huge plug come out.... We had to sail to the nearest town.. The winds were so bad and it started getting dark ... I had to steer the boat while my husband had the flood light reading the charts... The waves were coming over the back of the boat it was nasty... It really messed me up for about three years.... It has been seven years just got over it a couple of years ago.... My husband wanted to hear from me all the time when I went out if he didn't hear from me he would panic. he has gotten over the shock .... This shit is rough on us and them.... Sorry to hear about what happen it takes time for you and every one to get over the shock of what happens... This is a great form to rant in......

Hi welcome to the group. I am like you with severe asthma and am being treated with xolair. I it does make a difference to me. I can do alot more with it.

You really have to put the past behind you. Talk to your gp about your anxiety. You must get out and get some exercise it really makes a difference. I have recently beenmin hospital with severe asthma attack and a mucus plug in my left lung.

I was very frightened but i am back doing most things again now. Tjink about the times you are ok and the amount of time you are really unwell. I think you will find that you are better more often than you are ill. Try gentle walking. Wishing you all the best and positive thoughts. X

Lurcher, so sorry about your bad experience. It is so hard to get past the fear we have during an emergency situation. So glad your daughter was with you.

I feel mostly home bound as well. It’s taken me 3 years to acclimate myself to restricting my activity. I have always been an outside person. All my recreational activities were outside. I’ve started cooking, reading and other small task I can handle.

As far as your depression and anxiety, you may want to see your doctor and see if he can prescribe something temporarily.

I “hardwire” some of my activities. What I mean by that is I write down small goals to accomplish for the upcoming day. May be as simple as taking a shower or walking around inside the house one time. The slight amount of exercise helps with my anxiety.

Does the Zolair help you with your asthma? I’m on Nucala but don’t see a huge improvement. Are you well controlled?

Rant away! We are here for you!

I'm awfully sorry you feeling this ..sometimes people don't understand the difficulties..luckilly the last few weeks for me have been good but for two of the summer months I felt like you ..chin up and try to get friends or family get you put and about xx

Hi Lurcher02, I was in very much the same position. I had a severe asthma attack which nearly cost me my life, I've been on xolair for about 4/5 years (with a break in between to have my children) and it's changed my life, but I still get very anxious about leaving the house on particularly cold or windy days. The best defence to combat your anxiety around this subject is to be fully prepared. I always carry two reliever inhalers just on the off chance I misplace one and I carry my asthma card on me too, which alerts people on what to do if I'm having an asthma attack out in public and people around me don't know what to do. Along with that is all the usual guidelines your doctor/nurse gives, in hat when it's cold or windy try having a scarf up over your nose and mouth to warm the air before you breathe it in, yes it's not the most attractive look but it works. However if you feel the weather outside is too extreme for your asthma (as everyone is different) don't leave the house unless necessary. If you're still feeling anxious, I would highly recommend calling Asthma UK, a charity helpline which has respiratory nurses on hand who can offer support and advice for you. They're open Monday to Friday 9-5, and their number is 0300 222 5800. Hope this helps! Remember, you're not alone!!

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