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PET Scan


Hello all you lovely people.

I have finally found a way out of Kazakhstan unfortunately I am going back to Saudi Arabia😂 - frying pan and fire spring to mind.

So anyway)) before I left there last time I promised my pulmonologist that I would get a PET Scan so I guess I had better do it. My question is does anyone here know a place that I can get one privately (No NHS support as I am non domiciled no resident so outside the system still)

Not worried about where in the country it is just needs to be available at short notice and reasonably good.

I have been following the forum since my last post but that was some time ago and I am glad that you are all still here, with a few exceptions for which I am true my sorry, it is hard at times to see people that we come to think are invincible pass away after long hard fights.

I hope with all my heart and soul that all of us keep going for many years to come because you all deserve it for being such supportive and caring people.


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Hi Andy, I am pleased you are taking the PET Scan promise seriously, there is a reason for this, as you probably already know.

All 3 of my PET Scans were done under a privately supplied NHS contract. The name of the company is Alliance Medical, the UK phone number of their Patient Management Center is 0845 045 0103.

I really hope that gives you a starting point.

andyrrc in reply to 2greys

Many thanks - I will give them a call - I will probably be back in the UK in 2 or 3 weeks and will probably not have much time so need to get the ball rolling so I don't miss out on it.

I hope your little problems are keeping at bay - it does not seem to have dulled your thirst for knowledge👍

2greys in reply to andyrrc

:) The day I stop learning will be my boxing day.

Well good ,morning Andy I wondered where in the world you were. Pleased your still upright and breathing, as I am, just ticking along with the news that I have an enlarged heart as well as the empheseyma. Well, I take it your in the u.k. now and Bupa hospitals do scans privately. I just rang one for an appt. Good luck. Jane

andyrrc in reply to chubby2x22

Thanks Jane.

Not back just yet another couple or 3 weeks and then run around before I fly out to Riyadh.

Bupa may be an option - along with Alliance Medical that O2 has mentioned. I will try several (all I can find) to see who has the capacity to fit me in in October.


Hi Andy, I think you are right having a private PET scan because you can choose the date. I do think that you should check on your eligibility for NHS treatment. If you are a British citizen you are entitled to NHS treatment even if you are non domiciled. My husband who was a British citizen but for complicated reasons was non domiciled still had all of his treatment on the NHS. He did own a property here though and I don’t know if that is important. Worth checking. I hope that the scan helps you to get more effective treatment and good luck in Saudi.

You could try looking up private hospitals in the areas useful to you. I used to use St Antony's in Sutton and there is a Nuffield - possibly a national chain. Good luck, P

Hi Andy yes it's been a very bad year for losing loved members on here, and I too hope we all live for many more years.

Sorry I can't help with your question but do wish you all the best. x

Hi, disregarding your Nhs entitlement i am not sure that you would get one done in the Nhs unless you had a specific diagnosis and an obvious tumour that needed investigating to check if it displayed cancerous indications.

i think any large private facility with a scanner would gladly take your money at the drop of a hat and i have given you a link to one i found within 2 mins search of the net.i chose London in case you were flying to Heathrow?

regards Ski's

Many thanks Ski's and you are correct I will be flying to Heathrow and companies will readily take anyone's money😀

My old doctor in the middle East told me to get one to make sure that the CT found nodules are checked.

The problem with the NHS is that I am not here long enough for any doctor to let me on the books and my old doctor in Northamptonshire threw me off because I did not visit for over 6mths😊. So a bit stuck for options and I would prefer to check things checked now rather than wait for Saudi again.

Many thanks again to all


Nice to hear from you Andy. Good news about leaving Kazakhstan; not so good news about going back to Saudi. Still sounds as though its the lesser of two evils overall. Good luck with your scans and your move x


Hi Andy

Glad you are out Kazakhstan.

I know the Royal Brompton Hospital on Fulham rd has a private patient department. Check their website.

Good luck with your results.

Take good care of yourself x


Hi Andy,

I am surprised to read you are heading back to Saudi. 😀 I'm sorry I can't help with your question but I wanted to say hello and I hope you are doing okay. Take care.

Cas xx 🍃

quite fast in France....

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