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Singing for lung health


Do you enjoy singing in the house or when you are out and about?

If so you would benefit from joining one of our singing for lung health groups.

There is increasing evidence that singing regularly as part of a group is good for your general health and wellbeing.

It also seems to be especially good at improving your quality of life if you’re living with a lung condition.

You don’t have to have a voice like Pavarotti to join as its more about breathing control and exercise.

If you are in the UK call the helpline today on 03000 030 555 to see where your nearest group is.

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I sing alone at home (when the neighbours are out) as an aside I used to recommend singing to people who lived their life in wheelchairs, firstly because it helped keep their lungs fit, also get in more oxygen, but secondly, when you start to sing, you sit in a more upright fashion (in most cases) it seems automatic that when you take that first breath in you become more upright and push your shoulders further back, so activity good for posture. Lastly, for people who have started on the road of dementia, most can still sing the songs of their youth, even if they are unsure if they had breakfast. I will say numerous spouses complained to me, that it then drove them mad, having this person breaking into song when in the shower etc.!!!

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Thank you for your feedback SORRELHIPPO, I too like to sing in the house, regardless if the neighbours are in or not...they never seem to complain anyway!

The benefits of singing seem to affect a lot of people in a good way and that's brilliant!

Keep on singing SORRELHIPPO!

I go to the Norwich group its great fun as well as good lung exercise. A cup of tea a biscuit or two and a good natter with friends as well as keeping my lungs fit a briliant way to spend an afternoon. No i cant sing. But i still do !

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to corriena

Thank you for your feedback corriena.

I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the singing group in Norwich.

Keep up the good work!

I never was a good singer, but since started using steroid inhaler and despite religiously washing my mouth out after use my singing would be more like a noise a mating frog might make. My voice has never been the same since starting using although the benefit to my breathing has been worth it . Has anyone discovered a way of dealing with this?

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to Crankshaft

Thank you for your feedback Crankshaft.

I am happy to hear that you are benefiting from the singing groups despite your problems with your medication.

If you call us at the helpline at 03000 030 555, we can book you in for a nurse to have a chat to you when she is available.

Take care!

Lol....I really enjoy my singing! Only problem is no one else does!

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to Badbessie

Thank you for your feedback Badbessie.

Keep on singing as it makes you feel good!

Take care!

Spacecat1 in reply to Badbessie

Know the feeling the cat jumps off my knee and walkabout x

I run the Crewe group, Breathe Better Sing Together. It really makes a difference to those who come regularly, like myself :)

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to Ergendl

Thank you for your feedback Ergendl.

How brilliant that you run the group in Crewe.

Keep up the good work!

Take care!

When my children were growing up they were very good about making drinks, doing their share of jobs around the house. I used to give them an option do the job or I'd sing. They always chose the job.

My grandchildren can sing beautifully. However, when they were tiny I taught them a song. They sang it back to me : it sounded like a full blown cat fight!

I don't sing anymore.

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to wheezyof

Thank you for your feedback wheezyof.

I'm sorry to hear you don't sing anymore, but if you want any information on any singing groups please keep in touch an I will be happy to help you.

You must have taught your grandchildren well as they sing beautifully now!

Take care!

wheezyof in reply to MarieBLF

I think I didn't make this clear. The children sing beautifully except the song I taught them! Then they sounded like a cat fight.

I sing at a local choir (was there last night in fact), but worry my constant throat clearing/coughing must infuriate everyone else....

Ergendl in reply to DaisyEric

That's where going to a singing for lung health group can be so helpful - everyone understands why some of us start coughing about 10 minutes in to the singing exercises. And no-one bothers if some people sing out of tune - we're not there to entertain each other, just give our lungs a good work out.


Thank you for your feedback DaisyEric.

It's brilliant that you are in a choir as singing will give you lots of positive benefits.

If you need to discuss your condition with one of our nurses, you can call us here at the helpline on 03000 030 555 and we book you in with one of our nurses when she is available.

Thank you!

Hi I sing and the cat runs off, neighbour closes windows... 😂 😂

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to monju

I'm sure you sing just fine monju!

As long as you are benefiting from it, that's a positive thing!

monju in reply to MarieBLF

I would have to say he runs. 😁

I used to be a singer but now, not only can I not hit a note but I can no longer remember the words and that, in itself, is depressing.

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to greatauntali

Hi greatauntali.

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that you can't remember the words, but have you thought about joining a singing group near to you?

I think your previous training with singing will benefit not only your vocal performance but will also be beneficial to your lung condition too.

If you need more advice i'll be happy to help as much as I can.

Take care.

Hello, I live on the outskirts of Bristol and was very interested in the singing group in a Southmead. Unfortunately I live the other side of the city and I’m pretty much housebound due to lung and muscle issues, unable to take public transport or drive and so cannot partake. My parents do a lot for me and my children so don’t feel I can ask them to take me here as well. If there are any more groups that start nearer my area (BS16), would you be able to let me know? Thanks - from what I’ve read the groups are amazing x

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to 3girlsmama

Hello 3girlsmama,

I have looked on our web page and found that the nearest group to you is the Bristol group.

The contact details for the group are as follows:-

Call: 0117 331 0433



I am unsure if they provide transportation or not but it may be worth calling or emailing to see.

If you need any more help, please don't hesitate to call me on the helpline on 03000 030 555.

Take care.

3girlsmama in reply to MarieBLF

Thank you MarieBLF. I did phone him a while ago but no transport available x

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to 3girlsmama

I'm sorry to hear about that 3girlsmama!

There may be community transport in your area that may be helpful - it may be a good idea to call your local council to find out.

3girlsmama in reply to MarieBLF

Thank you! I may try that. Currently have infection but would be lovely to something constructive and social. Thanks for taking the time to respond x

I sing with the Northampton Singing for Breathing group and absolutely love it! We have just released a cd and a video that was made in conjunction with NHS England. You can see it on You Tube We stand together- Stay Well this Winter. Sorry I would post the link but my computer is not too good!

MarieBLFAdministrator in reply to joycen60

I have just had a listen to it on YouTube joycen60 and I think it is brilliant!

You all sound amazing and the video is very informative with regards to keeping well in winter and getting the flu jab.

Keep up the good work and keep in touch if I can help you further.

Take care.

I used to love singing in a choir and became very frustrated (and a bit sad) that my voice had become wobbly and I couldn't stand long enough to get through a song. But last week I decided to try making a positive change and went to the BLF singing group in Maidenhead. It was so friendly and no-one minds what you sound like! We did gentle exercises that fit our mixed ability and helped us to breathe better as well as learning new songs. Tara the leader is very supportive.

Looking forward to going again tomorrow.


Amazing news coralreef!

It's good to hear that you got the confidence to go back to singing as I often find the thing that holds us back from doing things is the uncertainty of what is going to happen.

I'm glad that you are getting great support from Tara and if you need any support from us we are here to help.

Keep up the brilliant work and I hope you have fun at the next class!

Take care.

I’d love to be able to sing again, are there any groups in North Wales close to Conwy?


Hello mightymarge1947,

Thank you for your question about singing groups.

I have looked on our web page and found the following groups in Wales - though it may help to pop your postcode in to see if there are any groups closer to you:-

Let me know if you need any more help and I will be happy to see if I can find any more information for you.

Take care,

Marie, Helpline.

i went once to kings heath group once but due to mine and moms health havent found time to return but its on my todo list

Ooh yes please! Will give this a call-thanks for post!


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