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A GREAT North runner


Sharing a picture of my son, Brian, shortly after completing the Great North Run 2018.

He took just over 2 hours and raised quite a bit money for British Lung Foundation.

Feeling very proud, but also a little emotional, because if you can read the back of his shirt, it says 'I'm running for ''me Mam'' (braver than I'll ever be)'.

Well done Brian and everyone else who ran along side him.

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Way way braver than me.

Well done Brian for all your efforts and for making your 'MAM' very proud.

best wishes Ski's and Scruff's x


No wonder your proud Mariegold..well done Brian and thank you

That's wonderful Marigold2 . What an amazing son you have. xx 👑👏

Oh Marigold that’s so beautiful it makes my heart feel very big for you! And a big pat on the back for Brian for training for it keep up the good work kiddo best of luck in all your endeavors🤙

Fantastic achievement and very supportive well done him and you xx

Well done. Amazing achievement.

Well done Brian and all the other runners, many thanks for raising funds for those with lung diseases :) :)

You must feel so proud Marigold2 and well done to Brian xx

Well Done Brian, You made your Mum Very proud and BLF I'm Sure. I know some Runners who achieved this after Lung Transplant. Amazing people. xxx

Lovely, generous son.

Well done Brian. Marigold you must be so proud of him, as he obviously is of you. I found his words very moving and loved the ‘me mam’ being a northern lass. Does he still have a Just Giving page open for BLF?



Hi Marigold2 - Thank you for sharing this! And a huge thank you to Brian and for everyone that supported him and all of the other #TeamBreathe runners in Newcastle.

Best wishes from all at BLF.


Well done Brian, you've made your Mam really proud of you . You did great xxx


Well done Brian. XXXX

Thank you Brian. Way to go 🐞

Well done to Brian on raising money for BLF. The back of his t-shirt says it all. Xxxxx

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