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HI hope everyone is doing ok.havent wrote in to say almost all of the time i am fine. i go weeks without ever using an inhaler and if someone didnt tell me i had copd i wouldnt even know .but then there are rare occassions like last night i thought i was having a slight problem and took a couple of puffs .this upsets me because i am reminded that there is something wrong with me and then i start thinking about things like how bad my dad is with this and i try not to panic.i hope this doesnt get me in trouble on the site but for many years i was a weed smoker and used it to relax.i havent smoked since the day i learned of my mild copd and will never smoke again, however i now make cannabutter and it works great to relax me when i feel stressed.i am just wondering can edibles hurt me at all with copd,everything i have read says no as long as your not smoking but i figured i ask here.panic and anxiety are a big part of this and most of the time i am fine,but when i want to really relax i do this when worrying gets the best of me.

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Hi hope132 .

It is so hard to face the fact we have a lung disease. And because your dad is poorly it must be extra hard for you. I don't think anyone here will judge you for smoking weed so many years ago. The great thing is you don't smoke any more. I'm sorry I have no idea what cannabutter is, but I am sure someone else will know and answer your question.

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Anxiety can be so debilitating. Sending warm wishes to you.

Cas xx 🍁

Hi hope 132, good to hear you’re still doing well generally. I can understand anxiety taking over at times and if your cannabutter helps you relax then that’s fine. So long as you don’t smoke.

You won’t be judged for smoking weed in the past and I wish you well for the future. Xxxxx

I’m pleased that you are in a better place nowadays. Sounds like you are doing really well now . Stay positive and look after yourself. Cx