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Hi, just come across this group browsing the internet. I recently had a ct scan after having not been feeling to clever and having had a chest xray. I got the results of the ct scan that showed i had extreme emphysema. The emphysema isnt causing too many problems, i just get breathless if walking up a bit of a incline, or walking on the level but carrying anything that is quite heavy. Went to see the respiratory nurse at the drs today for a breathing test. Came back at 97%. I think she was quite happy with the result after the hospital making out that my emphysema was so bad. Go back to see the nurse again on oct 5th. Been a smoker since i was around 16yrs old, so 40yrs. Have cut down on the cigs recently from 20 to 10 aday. Given a inhaler today, but told i only have to use it once a day, the inhaler being called incruse.

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Welcome to you and well done for cutting down smoking. Hope things go well for you and the inhaler helps. Xxxxx

Thank you. Took my 1st dose of the incruse inhaler, read on here about people saying the powder sticks in their throat, to be honest i didnt notice anything whatsoever when i took it, it was like i had took nothing at all

That’s good, it may work well for you which is good. Xxxx

Welcome! Just a curiosity... is your inhaler a form of steroid because if so, you are cautioned to rinse your mouth after using it. It can cause thrush, an annoying form of oral yeast infection. Just checking.

Anyway, welcome to the site and good luck 🍀


From what i can see on the internet, incruse isnt a form of steroid

Hello and welcome .

I ve not long joined this group but am finding it extremely beneficial. I call it facebook for people with brains and lungs. There's great knowledge on here plus support & a sense of camaraderie with poetry and banter. I didn't have any chest symptoms but was very tired & "falling asleep" walking.

I had to go to AED after a nasty fall and my sats were found to be very low.

I now use bipap and O2. My sats have improved since mid July & I'm awake, have energy and no longer hallucinate. I still don't have symptoms of a chest condition - apart from turning blue. 😠

I wish you well.


Welcome to the site, hope given time you will be able to give up smoking but any reduction is good so well done . Maybe the inhaler will help if not ask to try another. Best Wishes


Welcome, if stats from GP nurse show you are not as bed as the hospital thinks that has to be good news for you. However cutting down on cigs is not quite good enough, give them up completely, most of us have to at some stage. Your lungs are very precious and believe me wont mend or get any better, There are treatments but try not to let it get that far.

I didn't heed the warnings and now I can't even do the smallest chore without running out of breath or strength. Unfortunately I cannot have any of the treatments (even privately) as they have already found a cancer and no treatment clinic will even look at me and I have done extensive research, even personal letters to specialists. I'm stuck and you shouldn't be, give up the cigs as fast as you can and do not make matters worse.


You just have to remember to rinse your mouth and gargle after each inhaler use or it can cause throat dryness and hoarseness. Good luck.

Welcome to a wonderful family.

Hello and welcome x

Ive read that common side effects to using the incruse inhaler include coughing, sneezing and runny nose. Been on the inhaler for 5-6 days now, and have been suffering with the above for the past three days. Hope it clears up shortly as its making me feel awful

Nurse at the drs said the report from the hosp showed extremely bad emphysema, new to all this, the 97% relates to sats

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