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Me and Myself.

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It took some getting used to,

Living on my own.

I'd always had the missus here

Running a happy home.

My dinner on the table,

At the time that it was due.

When I asked "Who'll do that now?"

They always answered "You!".

This came as a shock to Me,

Cos I've enough to do.

So I had to employ someone else

'Myself' must act in lieu.

And so we live together.

Rowing all the time.

Me says "Get that mess cleaned up"

Myself says "No it isn't mine".

Me says "Right, I'm off t' pub"

Myself says "Don't you dare."

"There's loads of shopping here to do,

And that washing over there".

We are not a well matched couple,

But then few couples are.

One thing we both agree on.

My missus was a star.

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Hi Rhymer, you not tge only one to be pn your owner.. i am on the same situation, i belive in

GOD, let pray. I leave in w yorkshire and i thing therecare few groups that you meet and get toghether.. good look Don

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Don-1931 in reply to Donata

Thanks Don, It’s now six years since my wife died, so the three of us, Me, Midge my dog, and Myself are getting along fine, as a hope you are. 😀🤡🐕

Delightful Master Po and the bloke in the mirror agrees as well,i must start charging him rent and get him to do a few chores now and again.

Love from Ski's reflection and an independent Scruff's x

Such a lovely post Don and a great new avatar. Very fetching and you don’t look too bad either! Lol.

Enjoy your day and get that washing done. Take care xxx 😘💖

Beautiful poem! It isn't easy getting use to being alone....but after the grief gets a little gentler ,embrace your aloneness and learn to love it! Say 2 things a day what you are grateful for,being alone. JANET127

Oh Don.... I love your poems when they are kind of deeper than you intend. Only you do intend it. Oh bugger, I’m tying myself in knots. Have another mug of tea, woman, and shut up.

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Don-1931 in reply to Katinka46

He he! You are a treasure, Kate. xxx

Hi Don what a bitter sweet poem

Well yee, take long time to get used to, warst winter time. But let hope for best. Regards Don

Great Memories Don, Your Mind is still Alert, and We all receive the Impact of your Words. Food for thought, Me, Myself & Midge. Lovely, Thank You. XXXX

A magic poem, Don! So true 💕 We’re always here for a chat though.....🤗 Penny x

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Don-1931 in reply to Yatzy


It’s good there are two of you to keep Midge company ( or has he also got another soul with him?) great poem and lovely pic of you ..all x

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Don-1931 in reply to Kristicats

Midge is a female who thinks we are both plonkers 🙄

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Kristicats in reply to Don-1931

Sorry midge x

Absolutely wonderful poem.

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Don-1931 in reply to WheezyAnne

Thank you, Anne.

*hug* 🌸 I bet your missus is smiling at this poem. 😊 xx

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Don-1931 in reply to Caspiana

I think she will Cas. It was traditional in both our families that the husband went first. So we got no kitchen training like husbands do today. 😉x

I believe Tony has a secret plan, should I go first. Find a sweet, obliging young female carer to keep him happy. I've told the boys to watch out, don't want them to lose their inheritance!

I should warn him, 'sweet and obliging' doesn't come cheap. :-( lol

What a lovely poem, Don. You must miss Mrs Don very much indeed. xx Moy

Brilliant as ever Don ! Sheila xxx

😊😊😊😊xxx x lovely don x x

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