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Hi has anyone else had this problem, for a few days now I've received no post from the forum. I have tried everything I can think of but still can't get them. I love reading and posting as I can keep up with what's going on and it keeps me in touch with people. If anyone can help me resolve this I would be really grateful. Hope you are all ok and having a good day, hopefully I will be able to to read and chat again soon. Love Bernadette 😊 xx

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Hi Damon1864 hmmm, that is strange. I'd suggest sending a quick email to and they are normally pretty good at helping out with technical issues with the site.

Hope this helps! :-)

Best wishes,



Sign out and sign in again ?.. the opposite Bernadette I'm getting 50,000 a day (well seemso like it) even during the night don't want to turn phone down in case family need me 😊

Hi Bernadette, Hope now all is resolved, Just sending this to Keep in Touch. Love n Hugs . XXXX

👋👋hope you are keeping well

I don't bother with email notification. Just hit BLF and posts tab.

Just saying hello to you and hoping you get this problem resolved soon. I hope you are having a good day too ☀️

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