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Any ideas?


So I went too work Monday feeling fine about 1 hour Into my shift I felt light headed dizzy and my chest went tight I felt like I couldnt breathe properly. It has been a couple days since the dizzysness stopped but I'm really struggling too breathe I feel like I'm out of breathe and my chest is tight and it's Friday now any ideas what's wrong and if I should seek help ?

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I would go to walk in centre and get checked out.


Hi get checked out I'm sure you are ok.


As for now please practice breathing exercises

Give 101 a call. Especially if you have shortness of breath when sitting down.


I wish I would have been checked earlier. It can stop anything else from becoming a problem, like mine was my heart started to race

Can you request a chest x-ray check your lungs are all ok

I'm not even registered at a doctors

Spacecat1 in reply to Kaylumb

You can still go to a walk in centre or a and e at the hospital. They will see you.

Definitely get looked over. I hope you are doing better Kaylumb . Take care. 🌿

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