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mucus is causes me to loose weight nausea vomiting etc


so I'm 19 from England now in the USA

for the past year ive had mucus stuck on the back of my throat. which is causing nausea and vomiting whenever I try to clear it is kinda gag on it. Some times it causes a throwing up fit so yesterday I had to go to the ER to get fluids in me etc from passing out.... really trying to find an answer if anyone else has the same thing or use to have it and would help would really appreciate it Thanks!

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I don't have the same problem on a day to day but I have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis which normally does affect people in the way you are describing.

I personally was referred to a physiotherapist to learn the airway clearance techniques including breathing exercises. So would suggest you ask for referral through your doctor or pulmonologist.

Also its recommended to always be fully hydrated by drinking lost of water to keep the mucus thin and making it easier to cough up.

Carbocisteine medicine is prescribed in UK that also helps keep mucus thinner.

In US no doubt it goes under another name for a mucolytic drug.

You need to clear the airways by coughing up mucus as this can cause infection so its very important.

It may be worth having a sputum sample analysed to identify what may be going on so you can get the right drug for the job.

Sure hope things improve for you there is nothing worse. I only go as bad as you describe when I have a lung infection and pneumonia, just awful.

I do hope its not an ongoing infection you have.

Take good care and best wishes Bkin

Oh you are only 19, you need to communicate this to your doctor for sure for further investigation, advice and an accurate diagnosis.

As you're in the us now do you have health insurance? You really should see a decent doctor for a prope diagnosis. I have sinus problems as well as bronchiectasis and asthma. At times the thick mucus of post nasal drip (from the nasal passages down the back of the throat) is a bit choke like.

Sounds like Post Nasal Drip to me too, so, don't go thinking the worst xx

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