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Hi, I have been on prescribed medication (worsening asthma, copd & allergies) for a long time. I'm wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture, bio energy, hyperbaric chamber, stem cells or natural remedies and with what success? Friends keep suggesting these and I'm fairly short of money so I really don't know what to try when I do have some money. The treatments range from 200 to several thousand. Happy Friday to everyone as well and thank you in advance for any comments...

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The cheapest things to improve your breathing are singing and exercise. Walking is great, as you can start where you are and stop when you want, just try to increase the amount and pace over time. Look up singing exercises on YouTube and join in, or find out if there is a singing for lung health group in your area. All the best.

RayMag in reply to Ergendl

thank you for the suggestions, I've been trying to walk everyday and will give the singing a go

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