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35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

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I too take hydrogen peroxide food grade and have found my breathing is so much better, this is a great secret kept from you by big pharma. Hydrogen Peroxide has many benefits, I brush my teeth and gargle with it you can add a bit of peppermint if you like. I make a face spritzer from it which is refreshing and great for your skin if I get a cut I use it to clean it, I cannot say how much I can recommend this, its healthy and cheap. I have been taking it for a year now and feel so much better I used to feel bloated and was constipated and had to use laxatives but now I'm regular and not bloated. I love it!

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Hi where do you purchase it from? 😊

I have googled this and it says that 35% is much too high to ingest and it should be diluted down to 3%. Otherwise it can cause damage to the stomach and intestines through corrosion.

This reads like an advert. I'm not convinced that drinking bleach is good for you

Hello Sammiemara and welcome to our forum. While it is pleasing that you are feeling so well, I have to add a note of caution.

We welcome discussion on alternative treatments, and this subject has been aired here in the past, but the BLF stance is unchanged. Please be aware that the BLF HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANY RESEARCH BEING DONE ON THIS FORM OF TREATMENT in the UK, it isn't in any guidelines that they are aware of, nor would they ever recommend anyone tries a treatment like this when it hasn't been approved and recommended by their consultant.

Please take care, and always discuss any change of treatment with your respiratory consultant or GP.


When I was a child 1948, my mother used hydrogen peroxide on us for minor scratches, stings, etc but we never drank it!

Is this the stuff they use in hair colours. Think I would be worried about taking it.

I have a feeling this may be spam. Similar to those people who say "I make 3000 a week by doing whatever and so can you, just contact me and I'll tell you how". Remember, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. 😄

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If you brush your teeth with it you want have them much longer and most definitely DO NOT DRINK IT wash your hair in it and you will be a blond take care xxx

I do remember as a teenager having gingivitis and being told by a dentist to use hydrogen peroxide diluted with water as a mouth rinse. It saved my teeth but I've never used it since and wouldn't chance drinking it.

3% is the max strength for inhaling and it has to be "food Quality". It is easier to buy 35% food quality than 3% so use pure distilled water to reduce it, I think it is 11:1 but check it out first. There have been a lot of publications on this so Google. I have used it in the past (fine mist spray inhaled) and it did help my COPD to the extent that I stopped using it. Now I must get some more, breathing is bad again.

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