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Confused and needing help!


Hi Everyone,

I have emphysema, stage 3/4 - 34% Fev 1 - last year.

I have been dismissed by the lung consultant and went to see my GP, as I was having possible side effects from Spiriva Respimat. She looked at the notes sent through from the consultant and has prescribed Serevent, but cancelled salamol and spiriva respimat of my prescription list. I am having a really bad time on Serevent and from what I've been reading it should be taken alongside steroids, which I've never had (I'm, 55 years old). I don't know what to do or who to talk to. Can anyone help? Has anyone had any experience of wrong medication and not being able to function ?

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Yes, please do ring the BLF help line tomorrow - today? 03000 030555, 9am to 5pm, mon-fri. They can give you expert guidance on how to handle this situation and what you should expect from your GP and meds. P

As peege says do ring the BLF helpline and ask their advice. You need to have the right medication to manage your condition and I wish you well. Xxxx

Over the years I have taken various inhalers some worked for awhile, research developed new drugs so consultants/physiotherapists recommended - with some I had serious side affects. I used use Ventolin frequently on some occasions until about 2 months ago my inhalers were changed to a new 3 in 1 inhaler taking one puff once a day. So far so good - no need of Ventolin at the moment, hope it stays that wAy.

The new inhaler recently allowed on NHS is Trelegy Ellipta.

Hope this info helps.

By the way I have had emphysema for nearly 30 years. Have had ups and downs but exercise is a must to try and stay well.

Be well.

anng18 in reply to dogcyrus

Thanks for your advice and positive comments. Yes, I try and maintain a healthy exercise program, regardless of how breathless I am.

Spacecat1 in reply to dogcyrus

How do you feel with the ELLIPTA have been given this yesterday so got to pick up today. So used to having inhaleser twice a day. And I still have was breathe as my back up when out.

dogcyrus in reply to Spacecat1

With use of Trelegy Ellipta I am not using my Ventolin so regularly in fact hardly at all .

It’s a 3 in 1 inhaler and I inhale first thing in the morning and that’s it for 24 hours. it’s just routine now.

I feel sure you will notice the difference in a few days.

Hope this helps.

Be well.


Serevent is often prescribed solo. If needed for asthma, it'll usually be prescribed as a combo drug with a steroid element, for example Seretide. And sometimes same for COPD.

You need to go back to your GP and explain that you aren't getting any benefit from this inhaler either and/or what the negative effect is, but be sure to describe it to your GP.

If you don't go back they'll say you should have done. Ask for an urgent or emergency appointment.

Best wishes.

anng18 in reply to soulsaver

Thank you for your advice. I'll do as you say, but feel a bit embarassed by going to the doctors so soon again when they are so busy.

Ann, there's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about when you're struggling for breath.

GPs are used to us COPDers struggling to find the right inhaler.

You'll be a lot more justified than most of the people in the waiting room...

And you'll maybe avoid tying up A&E staff.

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