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Taking oxygen away!


No longer need oxygen after 4 years. FEV1 is 61. Do the Dr take in account that the test taken is given at rest and when exercising the oxygen level goes lower with just walking no housework, etc. I can hardly breath after going up stairs. At rest my oxygen is usually 96 with exercise even with meds it sometimes goes down to the 85 to 89 level. I was told that I should always use oxygen with exercise. Went down to 91 after just a 3 minute walk by the technician and with albuterol that they gave me. Are they saying oxygen will not help me if it gets to low?. I always thought it would help keep my major organs going.

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That sounds very strange, deedee5. Was it your usual GP who made the change and took you off oxygen?

Hmmm... That is rather strange deedee5 . I use ambulatory oxygen but I know I cannot overuse it because I have hyperinflation and the doctor does not want to risk me retaining CO2. If your oxygen levels drop during exercise then I would imagine you need oxygen when moving around. Stairs kill me with oxygen let alone without. 😕

I would say you need to bring the matter up with the doctor and ask for an explanation. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Take care.

Cas xx 🌸

deedee5 in reply to Caspiana

Thanks for your concern Cas. I have a few calls out trying to get that explanation. The docs just think the meds will take care of my oxygen level going to low. Maybe they will, but I have experienced low levels without oxygen . If I sit or stand still the level will go up.I don't baby myself. I try to do most everything without it. If at home, I use the concentrator if I am having problems breathing. It is a security blanket for me. If out and about , I carry it but Don't use it, unless I feel that I need it. I carry a oximeter with me. Wish my other doctor did not retire. He would have no problem explaining everything to me. xx

Caspiana in reply to deedee5

Hi deedee5 .

I'm not sure what medicine will keep your O2 from dropping. Did he or she say which one? It is a bit odd because, if that were the case I'd like that medicine too, then I won't have to be lugging the oxygen canisters everywhere. xx 🌿

Ideally 02 levels should be maintained between 88-92 when ambulant. Lower than this then organs are at risk.

02 levels are measured by ABG from earlobe or wrist and a six minute walk test.

I would ask to be re assessed if I were you.


deedee5 in reply to PollyP

Thanks for the reply. I agree with you. My GP did not order the test for over 2 years. So I went to a specialist to get the test done. I did not have a six minute walk, only 3. Went down to 91. If I walked another 3 minutes, it would go down more. I can't get a straight answer. I am ready to give up on doctors.

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