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Laughter is the best medicine


I have just ordered an Aerosure and am currently awaiting delivery. Hoping it will help me to clear my chest. Suddenly something made me laugh out loud and surprise to me... After the laughing I coughed and it all just came rushing out. What a relief. If only we could get a really good laugh on prescription.

Hope you're all keeping as well as you can.... Laugh as much and as often as you can. It's amazing how much a laugh can do.

Patsy x

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I know, usually if I watch the movie "The Money Pit" I laugh until I cry. It just tickles my funny bone.

Chriskho in reply to Roessner541

Love that film specially the flying chiKen😂😂😂😭😭

Roessner541 in reply to Chriskho

Or when he falls in that hole in the floor and gets stuck.

Chriskho in reply to Roessner541

Loved it once the kitchen was wrecked and he said we just won’t go there anymore😭😭😭😭😭

Hi Patsy, i recently got an aerosure and i find that it really helps. When s.o.b. i rech for it,

Within about five minutes my breathing has calmed down. I also agree with you about laughter. It is definitely good for us, as you said

The best medicine !

Regards, Sheila1kerry

My OH has asthma/bronchiectasis and bought one of these some time ago. It has been very helpful. He only uses it in oscillatory PEP mode though. I remind him to use it in Breathe Easier mode but he forgets. Link is here for anyone who wants to know more:

Roessner541 in reply to Bella395

Can you buy it in the us?

I found it on Amazon but taking advice from people on this site I actually purchased it from the original company as didn't want to be ripped off by ending up with a fake. I assume that they will ship to the US but cost may be prohibitive. Hope that is not the case. I've just used mine for the first time in breatheeasy mode and it has definitely helped ease my SOB. Good luck and keep well.

Patsy x

Hi Patsy I have an Aerosure and it does help me I have Asthma and Bronchiectasis all of your ways of bringing the mucus up applies to me also and I have found after meals too. I will watch that film if it helps bring it up.

Please let us know your views on the Aerosure as we have similar symptoms.

Good luck and keep well.

Aerosure has helped my breathing.Expensive but well worth it.

That’s good Patsyann. Pete always coughs when he laughs. Take care and keep laughing. Xxxx

I just went back and read a few of your posts. My copd is pretty severe and I go around and around with the way I am feeling. I signed up for rehab but then suffered anxiety because I felt so weak I didn't think I could get through it in the us I found this site called Lyft and it is for people who are feeling poorly or who can't afford rehab and it is done by respetory therpists and they have all kinds of classes and different prices I signed up for a year of unlimited classes for $ 71.00 per year. I was on hospice 3 years ago or would have been but refused. I got off the morphine in fact the EMTs we're suprized I was taking it at all. I take over the counter NAC N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 1200 mg a day you can order on Amazon. I also take blood pressure medicine and a low dose aspirin. I am on oxygen and just starting to get out a little. I pray every night and morning I am still struggling but it has gotten better. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. I am sorry I didn't reach out to you sooner. Take care.

Hi. I'm sounding a bit dopey but what does the Aerosure do. Still getting over the shock while on holiday with my hubby tooling along in my wheelchair and oxygen enjoying the sun in good old Weymouth when a man came up to us asking about the oxygen one to I would have been to embarrassed to say I have severe COPD but I take each day comes. This gentleman stood chatting said he was pleased to met someone who is going through what he was going through. Promptly lifted his t shirt up on the sea front to show his scars from lung transplant. I asked so many questions. My consultant had mentioned having lung transplant but I was and still a little wary about it. But this man who was so proud of his scars gave us some confidence to talk to my consultant again. Which happens to be today. And thank you to the gentleman in Weymouth you made me feel better about thinking about the transplant. I never got his name nut thank you for making our day. The people of Weymouth must have thought us mad

That’s an amazing story. I Hope your visit with your consultant went well.

Yes laughter is a good way of getting rid of it. Free too!!!


Hi Patsyann24. I did purchase the Aerosure last year and it's the best money I've ever spent in my life. My life has totally changed. I walk out if it's not too much of a distance. Before it was the wheelchair everywhere I went. Which wasn't much because I get so embarrassed to be in it. So I use it to hospital AppStore or a really need to basis. We went for a few days in Saundersfoot and I actually walked everywhere. Before my Aerosure that was impossible for me to do. I use it 3 times a day. My life has totally changed. I have Copd and lupus. I've coped with the lupus and carried on working taking Plaquenil and loads of other pills but I kept going fine. Once I retired everything went wrong. I was hospitalised with pneumonia 3times. Once of which I nearly died, but since the Aerosure cross fingers I have not been in once. And that's over a year. So you use it and you'll see how well you'll get on. We laugh a lot in our house with our grown up grandchildren calling every day and sometimes a few times a day. Never a empty house. And we were delighted 2months ago our first great grandaughter aAnnabell Grace was born and she is fit and well and also beautiful. So the very best to youPatsyann 24. And all mylove and best wishes to you in the future. Suzanne xx

Laughter is great. The last thing I really laughed at was "The Play that Went Wrong". Saw it in London around Comic Relief time. Barely stopped laughing (and often coughing) the whole way through.

Oh! Is that the play by the people that did the Comedy About a Bank Robbery? I saw Bank Robbery last year, I was really reluctant thinking it wouldn't be my kind of thing. I laughed all the way through. It felt so good. I realized I hadn't laughed out loud for a long time. It's like it released something because now I laugh a lot more (at relevant times, not like a crazy person, I hasten to add)

I'm sure even crazy person laughing is ok, just avoid evil baddie about to do the dastardly deed laughing if you possibly can - somehow really evil baddies struggle to resist that urge.

That's true, crazy person laughing isn't so bad, maybe I do that a little myself after all. Definitely no dastardly laughing though. So you've noticed that too? Did you know real life baddies also don't have swirly red eyes nor do they twirl their mustache. What is the world coming to.

Yes, and they've stopped telling everyone about their plans for world domination, so they're not giving the goodies such a good chance of stopping them at the 11th hour.

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