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Can lung function be increased?


I was told today by my specialist that I'm at 27% lung capacity !!! I've had bronchiectasis for years but it was not diagnosed until recently. But I also have MS and I am in a wheelchair please don't suggest I do aerobics. But if anybody has any ideas I would gladly love to hear them. Thank you x


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Lovely Lindy,tons of stuff on you tube,this one from somebody called the MS trust and it's called MS active.

Or you can come to my gaff and take Scruffy cat for a wheel/walk and then we will hit the town and make merry.catch up with you soon.

Love Ski's and Scruff's xxx

p.s catch the next vid of super heroes lol :)

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sorry the video didn't work,more soon.xx

OK second attempt .try this one my lovely.


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Even more.lets go mystic with Yoga.i think this one is better for you and for your lung expansion . :)


Ahhh I found it...the link that is...❤

Go do it my lovely,but please stay slightly insane,just the way i like you.

here is the full monty.


Glad to see you posting again but sorry for your health issues. I hope you can improve your lung fiunction somewhat.

Yes glad to be on too. I ask dr. Google and it said there are breathing exercises you can do. Like inhaling for 2 seconds through your nose and exhaling pursed lips for 4 seconds. And there's other ones too. I just Googled how do I increase my lung capacity. And then, Joyce suggested joining a singing group. Now that sounds like fun!

A singing group? If I joined a singing group I’m afraid I would likely be the only one left after the first time I attended. 😊

I really hope you enjoy it and also get some improved lung function.

Take care.

Is there a singing group near you especially for people with lung disorders? I go to one in my town and it is brilliant! I would imagine any group which does singing would help.

Thanks so much! A friend of mine said the same thing to me today. I will look into it!! 🤗

Oh for sure me too. They would leave in droves

what kind of workouts can you do if you cant even walk but a short distance and your breathless they want me to excersize and it will strengthen my lungs?

There's a DVD also videos online on the BLF website with exercises for lung health that you can do either standing or sitting in a chair. I'll see if I can remember where the link for these is, otherwise I'm sure someone else will post it 👍

This is the link to the videos online. The DVD is from the BLF website. I hope this helps 🤞

I'm the same 28% lung function and in wheelchair through MS, it's hard to keep fit or excersise with left sided weakness, but I do what I can, using videos on YouTube, resistance bands, on my right side x

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