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Crackling & throat wheeze


Hi , I had my sinuses operated on 8 years ago & this left me with a post nasal drip which made me wheezy I’m now on steroids ( dry powder ) inhaler ( blue ) nasofan nasal spray , when the weather got really hot I had a wheeze & crackle in my throat & was constantly clearing phlegm from my throat , went to the drs & he put me on a course of steroids ( 6 tabs 5 days ) cleared the wheeze briefly but now back , back to the dr & now on Dimister ( nasal spray antihistamine & steroid combined ) really not doing much , I feel like I have STICKY LUNGS and have to constantly clear phlegm in order to breath properly , back to drs yesterday as I know have really sore ribs on one side , he says I have a wheeze on right lung & given me another course of steroids 6 tabs 5 days , I’m so fed up with feeling like I have no energy , I’m active usually , go gym , work with kids but find I’m using my ventolin more & more , I’ve got hospital spot at end of dept & feel like I should come off everything & start again ! Prior to my sinus operation I was on NO medication , any one had similar experience ?? Rant over 🤐

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Hi there, this is very similar to problems I had, and sorted eventually.

Frankly I don't think the doctor is paying enough attention, to say the least. Steroids are always short term. Prolonged use it always bad news.

I found the best treatment of all to be "n acetyl cysteine" taken nightly at bedtime and if you think you need it take one about mid morning too.

It really loosens the mucus very well. Also try for a daily dose of Vitamin D.

I studied complementary medicine years ago, and NAC was regularly used for mucus clearance. Yet, once I was taken to A&E with an exacerbation and when I mentioned using this, she went crazy and said that was only used for emergency alcohol overdoses.

I tried to explain, but she had the white coat, so what could I possibly tell this twenty something expert!

Needless to say I ignored her and spoke to my respiratory consultant. She didn't know about it either, but she did a lot of research, contacted me and said she would put it on my prescription as it would be useful and would have no effect on my other meds. As far as I know, she's now giving it to other COPD patients too! Hope this help. Best of luck, Jim

Max06 in reply to rf4c

Thank you , will mention it to the respiratory consultant

Dilly2 in reply to rf4c

What is NAC

rf4c in reply to Dilly2

Hi there,

it's a long story! The best source of info is webmd, very trustworthy.

Heres the link to the NAC page - All the best:

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