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Time to get going.

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The huffing and puffing

The coughing and spluttering

Is just about wearing me out.

But comparing with others

And young kids with their mothers

My problems just add up to nowt.

My dog thinks I'm a planker

We should be out in the camper

And I think that she's probably right.

So I'll get things together

Whatever the weather

And think up some rhyming to write.

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Is that the lovely Midge?

Does she chatter in the camper? Or does she quietly observe, with great resolve and reserve, as you wend your way round the curve? Does she travel heavy, with biscuits and bones, or is she more savvy and travel light, with dainty paw, cuddled in her seat.

Does she stand at the window, ears flapping in the wind? Does that little pink tongue hide a cheeky grin?

Well, I tried...



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Don-1931 in reply to TomTitTot

That is Midge my guard dog.

She seems to have no fear.

She'll shatter both your eardrums

If you come anywhere near.

But once I tell her "Quiet"

And she sees that you're okay.

She just wants to get out there

And have a little play.

I’ll get the S&K pudding on the go. Great news.

K xx

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Don-1931 in reply to Katinka46

I haven't had a proper steak and kidney pudding since I was a lad. What I get now can be done in the mircowave in a matter of seconds. :-)

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skischool in reply to Don-1931

Beware of that mother hen,you and midge may well be the ingredients of your own supper.;( x

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Don-1931 in reply to skischool

Well I know from experience that we would be beautifully cooked. 😉

You and your rhyming

Such perfect timing

As off on your travels you go?

Midge in the van

With you if you can

No rushing, just take it slow.

Take care Don. Xxxxx

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Don-1931 in reply to sassy59

Thanks I will. The timing had more to do with the Aunty B's and steroids kicking in I think. ;-)

Another great rhyme thanks Don, and I love the photo. It looks like Midge is about to set off driving!

Midge has no need to drive. She has a personal driver/ footman (pawman).

Beautiful Midge. XXX

Keep it up Don love your quotes

Hi Don, Midge looks raring to go 😊...have a good trip and don't forget to keep rhyming along the way😁🚙🌄 xx

That photo was taken last year in Filey. I’d forgotten that it was Bank Holiday weekend, so we will just do day trips until next week.🚐 🐾

Gosh is it? I'll maybe have a nice quiet chemo day then 😉. Enjoy your trips out...I look forward to the pictures 😊 xx

Midge looks like she's ready to go!!! What a smile she has!!

Take care....hugs to Midge!


Hello Don and Midge,

Chom and I hope you have a lovely time wherever your adventure is taking you. xx 🙋🐕

I love that photo of Midge! Have you decided where your next travels are going to take you?

I think we’ll go to picnic with our friends at Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ for a period of contemplation. 🐾🚐

Brilliant! xx Moy

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