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Hi from Marie Love


I'm totally frustrated , embarrassed, and just plain ashamed that I smoked last week for five days ...a few ciggerrette a day. I was facing some stressful situations I now wish I didn't pick up the ciggerrette!!! Watered down the pack so I wouldn't have the rest of them. Experiencing hard to breathe, mucus, and chest tightness. I'm taking Mucinex. Drinking a lot of water. This isn't the first time I've done this. I was reluctant to post this because I know the importance of not smoking with lung disease. I like to be honest on here, so I may get honest feedback from you. I just pray I will handle stress and frustrating situations different. I'm paying for it..not feeling well.

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Put those 5 days behind you Marie and vow to stay off the cigarettes. Try and get through stressful situations in a different way.

Good luck to you and feel better soon. Xxxxx

Marielove in reply to sassy59

Thank you...it helps to have a support group and gives me a countability... I will hopefully have a better post next time. Your response means alot to me ☺️

Sjf129903 in reply to Marielove

I agree with sassy59 even without reading the other post those days are behind you DO NOT let them stress you or it won't change you got this covered tomorrow is a new day to go foward and not look back

Don't beat yourself up just make sure you learn from this and remember how rotten you felt when the urge is there again. Perhaps you can learn some techniques for handling stress. Smoking is definitely not one of them as you are feeling guilty and probably stressed about it right now. All the best, I hope you get well soon.😁

Marielove in reply to Llgr

I'm definitely feeling guilty about this..and truely paying for it. I'm a caregiver for people coming home from hospital, reabilitation, and elderly wanting to remain in their homes. You would think I would have better choices for myself. Thank you for responding to me. I needed someone to talk with!!

No sense at all feeling bad about it Marie. How many times did I start again after even 3 years off them!! Onwards and upwards now. Then one day you will be like me and be able to say it has been 15 years since your last cig. ((())) xxx

Marielove in reply to DaisyEric

Thanks so much for your comments. Congratulations to you for fifteen years free of smoking!!!

DaisyEric in reply to Marielove

It was the hardest thing I ever did and we understand you here just don't stop giving up!! that's the main thing :) ((()))

Marielove in reply to DaisyEric

Thank you☺️

You are not alone. Look forward. Realize that this is an addiction. We always knew it would hurt us. No denials here, but we still did it because it married each of us with promises of relaxation. Well that spouse needed to be divorced, cuz they still whisper love poems of death. Look forward. Don't beat yourself up. Keep up the fight.

Marielove in reply to mellyme

That's a good way of putting it!!

mellyme in reply to Marielove


Just keep trying.

Keep trying Marie, don't beat yourself up Hun, I tried many times and it was the E. Gig that helped me, I know there are reports lately against the E, Cig, But if it helps. I haven't smoked for over 4 Years now, I do like to have a Sniff when someone is passing by smoking. I think you will wake up one Morning and say "That's It No More" Will Power" sums up how Strong you are. Good Luck Hun. XXX

Marielove in reply to Hacienda

That's awesome you have quit for four years now. I'm going to make it happen for me. Helps to have a group like this one. Thank you

Try to find something different to help you through stress - a walk in the park, a good book, meditation, or something else more to your fancy.

Hello Marielove,

If your best friend made a mistake, didn't handle something well, would you forgive her? Of course you would, if you knew she was genuinely sorry and trying to do the right thing. So be your own friend, forgive yourself and move on.

Giving up smoking must be very difficult. Ask for help and accept the fact that you need the help.

Keep in touch with all of us. xx

Marielove in reply to wheezyof

Thank you for your kind words. I will remember them...I took a pause when I read that, something I needed to hear.

At least you have acknowledged the problem. Use this admission you have made not to smoke again!!!! In stress do something else to take your mind off it.


Please do not be so hard on yourself. I have done it myself! Anyone with stress and anxiety knows how you felt. The important thing is that situation is now over and you realise you need to stop.

Dont beat yourself up none of us are perfect (i think lol ) just keep trying to stay away from the fags. As you know it dose make a big differance to are breathing. You have quit once so you can do it maybe you need to look into some copeing strategies so next time you face a stressful situation you have ways to cope good luck and dont be to hard on yourself

I quit a hundred plus times before I was able to be done with this smoky plague. The thing that saved me -- was I got real sick with the flu -- after five days of no cigarettes -- and was not interested in anything for over a week. It was a gift from -- my higher power --I think. After that I had months of cravings -- but I never went back . My 24th. anniversary will be

Oct.23rd. Sooo happy to be free of that addiction.

Relapse --happens -- just go on -- and be easy on yourself -- you'll make it!

All the Best!


Congratulations....that is something to be very proud of. I know you are!! That gives hope💖

What smoking is doing to you.... me being over weight is doing to me... When I asked how long they said it will be up to if you lose weight longer.. Smoking is your muse through life mine is over eating when I'm stressed... When the day starts I take it one meal at a time... I don't beat myself up I just start the day and try and get through it.... Take up a hobby that is easy to do when your stressed... Some one I knew took up knitting in place of smoking.. It is rough so don't beat yourself up just move forward.....

Marielove in reply to Clamdigger

Thank you. Sometimes it's good to hear from people like you and this group to know I'm not alone in all this. Good luck to you, your response is helpful.

Forget about that now Marie . I’ve been there and sometimes still have a blip.Holidays do me! Never stop stopping though . Good luck hope your chest gets easier.

Thank you...

A lot of us have fallen off that wagon many, many times - I did after being smoke-free for two years. I switched to an e-cig in 2010 and never smoked again. Massive health improvement and no desire to smoke ever again. Please don't beat yourself up about it, just pick yourself up and start all over again. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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