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Had my home visit pip assessment this morning. The assessment took over 1 hour.

I asked the guy if they do all home visits now and he said that the person who looked at my claim form must have said I needed a home visit.

I now have 5 - 6 weeks to wait for the out come......fingers crossed. Marian x

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Good luck Marian,the fact that it was determined that you needed a home visit possibly bodes well for the outcome,i hope you had a fair assessment and you are successful in your claim.

best wishes Ski's and Scruffy x

in reply to skischool

Hi Skis the guy was really nice and I fealt at ease talking to him.

I have heard so many bad stories about the assessors trying to trick you. I think when they know the case is genuine its much easier, thats my opinion.....I hope☺. Marian x

in reply to mas7656

i agree and it seems like you had one of the less cynical assessors and hopefully the result will be positive,x

I was also told 5 - 6 weeks to wait. Good luck for the results

in reply to LawH1512

Thanks and good luck to you too 😊 x

Hope it went well

in reply to ScouseTaffy

I think it went ok but its up to dwp now

Good luck Marian

in reply to Hazejames

Thanks Hazejames 😊

Hope the decision is in your favour, Marian. As they thought you needed a home visit, that is a good sign, as already said.

Thanks Ergendl 😊

Yes, fingers crossed.

Thanks Rayswife x

I am still on DLA although I fall within, just, the cut off. How much longer are these assessments going on for?

Hi Christine, I think the assessments are here to stay. Im surprised you have not had your pip assessment. Marian x

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