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Weird symptoms developed???


Hello all hope your aswell as you can be, some of you may have seen my posts struggling with large amounts of mucus, it’s diffi because I have jackhammer esophogus (reflux) symptoms but worse, bronchiectasis and emphysema couple of months ago pneumonia etc etc now everything seems to have changed when I wake in a morning my diaphragm is so pressures it feels like I’ve got a vale over the front of my lungs and like trying to wheeze thro a straw terrifying the mucus begins to flow clear thick then when nearly emptied turns to white froth, I don’t feel I’ll but breathing really poor and mobility dropped drastically, it takes a couple of hours before I dare move , apparently I have esophillic asthma to ??? That’s a new one added to what’s getting to be a long list thanks xx

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I've never heard of it either carolg 1, but, the symptoms you describe, sound terrifying.

You've got a lot to contend with.

Hopefully, with the right treatment, things will improve for you soon xx

carolg1 in reply to casper99

Thanks Casper god I’m an oddball xx


Carolg1 I'm praying you get effective treatment very soon that will help you. Those symptoms sound horrendous, very frightening. Take care. 💐

Hello carolg

I feel you and it's hard firstly please consult your doctor and consultant before do a sputum sample 3 on three days with blood sample get your hepB checked up might be low and till then have a rescue pack with antibiotics and do nublizer like muoclear 4% or 6% 4-6 times a day it will help bring your mucus back up hope everything works out for you 👍

carolg1 in reply to Foxy79

Hi foxy,

Finished up with paramedics here so in hospital know thanks for reply, xx

How awful for you Carol, I have never heard of this and do hope that you can get some help to deal with it, sounds dreadful. Irene x

Izby1 thanks for your reply in hosp now xx

Hi Carol.did u find out what the white froth was as I'm getting the same white frothy mucus of a night not shure what it is. Hope ur feeling better now.x

carolg1 in reply to Stetommy38

Hi, they have made another appointment with gastrointestinal consultant as they think it could be reflux related il post any revelations as mine has just got worse and really bad now loads of the stuff two and three times a day , thanks x

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