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Lower leg swollen strange shape


My lower left leg is swollen and hard but not the foot or ankle and a strange swollen lump just below the knee I'm on bendromflorazide but doesn'the make any difference in went toyou gp but didn't further it on he did examine my heart which he said was fine. I am a breast cancer survivor of 8 years and it worries me it'' worse when I go to bed just like the front of my leg is sunburnt but it's not anyone had the same sympoms

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I agree with Happyjo. It is probably nothing serious but it could be a DVD or a blood clot especially if it is red and sore. If so get yourself off to the doctors immediately or to the ER. This is potentially life threatening so don't take any chances. x

You don't mention pain?

Either way you should get that checked straight away phone the 111 service at the very least. I would do that straight away.


I agree with the others. The first thing that came to my mind was blood clot. Don't delay. Go to walk in centre if you have one at the very least. If not go to a&e. Don't leave it!! Please let us know. It will help others in the future. Good luck

sandylo in reply to Tilantoe

Hi I went to my gp at 9am today sent me straight away for blood tests and chest xray says could be a few different things ie heart, fluid round the lungs as I have an intermittent cough bilateral pitted odema had three phials of blood taken he said even if they come back ok to make another appt in 2 weeks to have another look at it. He's also doubled my bendromflorazide to see if that helps will let you know more at a later date x

Tilantoe in reply to sandylo

I am so glad you went. Please let us know how it goes

It reminds me of a haemotoma I had on my leg in motorcycling days, which is like a giant blood blister. So yes, do as the others say, and get it checked out ASAP.

sandylo in reply to Ergendl

It's not a blister it's solid on the outerside

Sandylo I hope you've taken some advice? How are you now? I would absolutely want it confirmed that it is not a DVT being only one leg!

sandylo in reply to DaisyEric

I had three lots if blood tests last Friday and a chest xray the chest xray was fine the blood tests were fine apart from the kidneys slightly amiss so got to go on Tuesday for another blood test. not slept with the constant burning which is terrible when I go to bed. when I get up its always fine but within 10 mins of getting out of bed it's swollen again it feels like extremely bad sunburn but obviously it's not all down the shinbone starts to swell about 5 inches below the knee and stops about 2 inches above the ankle very strange! I also have a fuzzy head just hoping they can sort it as worried to death with having breast cancer 8 years ago

The tablet I'm on gives me joint pains so not in a good way at the mo

Hope you have listened to the advice given and persued the red swollen leg issue further. It could be something more serious that needs urgent attention.

Just waiting for blood results and chest xray now hopefully should get it sorted . I didn't sleep at all last night as the shinbone was literally burning off he doubled my water tablet hoping it would reduce the fluid and I've had the water works all afternoon so maybe will help a little thanks all for your advice and concerns it helped a lot as I live on my own.

Ergendl in reply to sandylo

Hoping that it's improving for you now - that must be awful trying to sleep with such a sore leg.

Hi I'm still waiting for 2nd blood test done on Tuesday chest xray was fine kidney test was nt right so had to have another should get results tom clinical data was bilateral mild hypercalcaemia it's still swollen and hard and the dizziness is better but still not right

Just had message from medical centre make an appt to discuss test results so going at 2pm today

They say calcium levels are high vitamin d extremely low even though I'm on invicta oil capsules also thyroid so sending all the results to the hospital neuropathy think that's the name, and when she gets results will let me know straight away to make an appt, up to a week. But says thinks they're all connected and not cancer

That’s good news I suppose. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this soon. It looks so painful! Is it still feeling just as bad?

It wasn'the as red today but still swollen the same it's hard at the side of the leg it's such a strange shape. I have no energy at all and head all fuzzy she thinks the pituary thyroid high calcium in the blood and and very low vitamin d are all connected I'm on invicta oil capsules 1 a month and always in the garden but still it's very low. So hopefully will know more when she gets a reply from the hospital as she's sending all the results to the urologIst for his opinion. I'm on water tablets but hardly do anything


Hi any more news? I have a similar lower leg, not as red but warm to touch and kinda swollen muscle, also a weird dizzy head every now and then

Hope your well

sandylo in reply to Hidden

I will get my results from gp next Thursday as bloods shown calcium in blood. thyroid pituitary gland and extremely low vitamin d as well as leg so she sent results to the hospital and I get them on 20th

Hidden in reply to sandylo

Ahh ok, mines more swollen around the shin muscle, it subsides night times but swells again during the day,

The swelling is actually at the bottom of the shin bone

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