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Went Seen LUNG Doctor AND The Discharging ME Becouse I Continue To Smoke.


Guess THESE days it’s any excuse DON’t mater I might have issues or it’s addiction.

Anyway that was THAT :(

So we started talking about my IGM antibodies I.e 7 and what is going to happen with that AS 6 is when IGM treatment is started.

Also talked about my numb arms AND how I could not dry my hair with bath towel becouse of weakness pain in arms.

He said we have results of nerve conduction study test AND show nothing remarkable.

So I said well what’s going on HE said it’s ALKALOSIS but am not sure AS would that effect dexterity.

And according to internet Alkalosis res or met would not effect skeletal muscles 💪

I told lung doc all them years ago I had numb arms and then sufferd pneumonia & sepsis that trashed my lungs.

Told him I don’t want discharging as don’t want pneumonia or sepsis again AND reminded him was neurologist that referred me to your lung clinic after seeing him over numb hands

And here we are again ... doc orderd full blood antibodies test.

So guess it’s going to take tad longer to find out.

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Sorry if I'm getting it wrong Jeff but where do title of your post distcharged bevause of smoking aline with the rest..again sorry if I'm reading it wrong,Ger

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Looks ok to me my title BUT am unwell so what do I no really.

My lung doctor is discharging me from lung clinic because I smoke 💨 cigarettes fags

IT IS VERY HARD TO STOP A NICOTINE ADDICTION for some people.please never give up trying though ,any which way you can. If you fail at one attempt with one aid you may make it next time with another aid?

I tried EVERYTHING ! Eventually use patches and gum as the vape made me cough more . But had numerous relapses. Do not beat yourself up about it! Join a group for support if you can. We have all been there. The doctors should be offering you more support in this rather than ignoring you.

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I asked my GP for Zyban on Tuesday she said I have to go to Smoking Cessation as they deal with it. I asked for a phone appointment with my normal Dr which I got on Wednesday. He asked what was the Zyban for, I told him it's the only thing I've had that helped me stop smoking for years and I just wanted a private script to buy it from the chemist. He said he didn't recommend Zyban and had I tried Champix which I have but it didn't work for me. He said he was sorry but couldn't offer me even a private script. On the NHS Stop Smoking site they show Zyban as a medication they use so why the rejection from Dr's to prescribe.? I suppose I must waste time going to counselling which I don't want to do so I'll just carry on smoking.

You don’t want to stop

You're probably right

Jeff if I said to you 'What should I do' Give up smoking or continue to get worse healthwise ? What advice would you give me?

Ad tell you to give up ... but I would not punish you if can’t after all IF life was that easy would be no bad things.

Perhaps you could get a prescription for, what over here is called Chantix, that helps with nicotine cravings. It does seem very hard to quit smoking for some people and others sometimes find it easy, but sorry your doctor doesn't understand you're having a rough time of it.

Good luck!👍🏻

Hi cheers my lung doc asked my gp to prescribe it BUT he just ignored him AND said it’s nurses job to prescribe that.

To see nurse takes about 3 weeks if not sick or on maternity leave SO had plenty time to forget when appointment was.

Keep meaning to chase nurse up GUESS all get to see her one day

Get in touch with that nurse. Start the ball rolling Jeff ?? Good luck C

You need to change can’t to won’t

Oh JAS, it’s none of my business but please try and quit the cigs if you can. Your doctor needs to do his very best but must feel frustrated when he knows you’re smoking.

I always wish you well and hope your health will improve. Take care of yourself.

Cute photo. Xxxx 👍

Hi Jas, have you not tried E.Cigs ? They do help you to quit the real Nicotine. Still under Discussion , But Proven to have helped thousands to Quit...Good Luck Hun. xxx

Just stop

Hi Jeff, so sorry to hear this. I don't know what you've tried already to stop smoking but if you have issues or an addiction, would counselling help? The problem is, doctors really do want to help us but if we can't, or won't, help ourselves, they just feel like they are fighting a losing battle. Yes, it can be very difficult to stop smoking but it can be done, we are not helpless victims. Please try for the sake of your health Jeff. All the best.

Hi Jeff, as you know the doctor can't discharge you for smoking but he/she must make every effort to try and help you give up. My grandson & son are trying with the vape things but don't think from the news they are the best . I used all sorts but eventually only willpower truelly worked, then I got diagnosed two or three years later with COPD. I've been an ex smoker for 12 years now. You have all my best wishes, it does make you feel a little better and stops the lung deterrioration and the money you save pays for other things like an extra night out with your freinds. Love the picture, ask for more help with your dad to releive the stress that adds to you wanting to smoke :) Good luck with the results.

i know its hard to give something up, but if your told to stop then you must, i have lung disease,and have never smoked in my life, i have been told to lose about a stone and a half, as this will help me , so that's what o am doing , and obviously being on ambulatory oxygen it is hard to exercise , and i am on steroids that don't make it easy but if it helps m lungs then i will do it ,anyway good luck and try your best

I to am finding it near impossible to give up e-cigs are far worse than smoking I’ve tried all sorts and failed I have 5 boys I’m a single mum, my 17 yr old has severe adhd and causes me so much stress I keep reaching for the dreaded addictive sticks I’ve not been refused any treatment but have been told I won’t go on the transplant list til I’m nicotine free for 6 months, I’m on Oxygen 24/7 and ventilator 16 hours a day I see my respiratory consultant in October to see if I can have valves fitted but I’m guessing if I haven’t kicked the habit by then I’m afraid I won’t get them... I’ve never heard of zynan and wondering if it’s worth asking my go for them as she knows how desperate I am to quit... people say yes it’s hard but doable but have been told it’s easier to quit heroin than nicotine as there is more powerful meds to get off heroin and nothing quite so advanced to stop nicotine cravings...wishing you all the luck as I know you will need it as do I breath easy

Dr’s don’t like prescribing Zyban because of the bad side affects, I have given up using Champix and found it quite easy. Knowing that it is give up or die made it an easy question to answer.

I have had to give up smoking, attend rehab and just finished 12 weeks of going to the gym as a follow up from rehab and have now become a member to carry on the gym sessions. Consultant would not refer me to surgeon until I had completed.

Only one person can help you improve your lifestyle and that’s yourself.

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When I went to the smoking cessation nurse she told me that 50% of her patients were trying to stop smoking and 50% were trying to stop e cigs and vaping!!

Man up your life is at risk here think of the people who care about you It’s not easy but if I can quit after 55 years U CAN JUST DO IT go cold turkey and see how proud u will feel Xxx

here's an enigma Jeff, I have never ever smoked cigs or anything but my lungs were so bad that they removed half a lung 46 yrs ago !

Maybe you could 'choose to stop', is it easier if you make the choice yourself, I don't know..

I was 40 a day but as soon as I went into Hospital with AF and double pnuemonia in 1992 I thought it has got to be a good thing to give up and believe me I had tried and failed so many times before. I have not had a single one since. Give them up or at least VAPE only untill you can get out of the habit. It Makes sense in the end!

Be Well

Hey Jeff, master of disguises and awesome photos. It must be hard to take some of the advice here because you came for support but got people getting on your case. But, you know it was said with the best of intentions because you must know deep down it’s not good to keep smoking. I don’t know what’s going on in your life but from the bits I’ve read, you’ve got a lot to cope with, with your own health and caring for your dad too. I am the most wishy washy person with no self control or discipline or motivation or determination. I know I should eat less and exercise more. But making myself do this is really really hard and most days doesn’t happen. I am trying though. I quit smoking about 15 years ago, or more. If I can do it so can you. I had no support from my doctor at all. He was even angry that I’d gone to him for help. Fortunately my pharmacist was really supportive and with his help and nicotine patches I got there. There weren’t e-cigarettes around when I quit. Maybe try them, see how you get on? I don’t want to get on your case but you seem like a great guy and I want you to be as well as you can be, and if I can be so forward as to think of you as a friend, as your friend I want you to do what’s best for your health.

Hi Jeff,

As an ex-smoker I understand the difficulty. Some people just never can give it up and whether you like it or not, it usually kills them, or contributes. BUT, for some people on their high horse, to imply, it is an easy choice, or the whole medical industry to be dismissive to smokers, is a very sad state of affairs. The medical industry will go to all ends to treat fat people with heart disease, breathing problems, and diabetes without being dismissive. When maybe they should dismiss the fatties and tell them to just stop their eating and come back after they lose 50 lbs. It is sad because it is just so popular to be fat and dieting. It is my opinion that overweight/fatness and its complications are a much larger drain on resources than smokers, but smokers are the outcasts.

Hi Schmicter defo agree smokers get blame for everything.

It’s only latterly traffic pollution as come to light THATs only cause those in London are being gassed by smog WHEN it was just north east never heard of it.

Hey JeffAjax, sorry to say but I think if I were in your moccasins I’d look for some doctors that I felt had some love for me. They seem sort of lax on real answers or treatment plans like “let’s lay blame elsewhere an avoid what’s really goin on” maybe just me since I’m not right there with ya I could be wrong( it happened one other time). I hope ya get straightened out and feel better. Not only do I understand tore up lungs but the numb hands/arms that issue drives me crazy, I’ve got a messed up neck. And I’m already left hemiplegic from stroke and this quack told me a couple weeks ago whilst going through my MRI that according to “what’s going on” with my neck it “ could cause paralysis “ that kinda blew me away. And so I laughed- it’s what I do. I hope you’re gettin better you appear very young take care of yourself✌️

Hi Sandyeggo thanks for reply sorry to read about all your issues WISH I could say I don’t know how your feeling but sadly have too good idea.

Arm can’t do anything thing with really as even trying to dry hair hurts.

Your right about doctors and luv .. what I have noticed is when sat strait good posture and can’t dry hair with out arms hurting stoping me.

When am like tower pizza 🍕 lopsided I can dry hair with out arms hurting.

You notice out like that with your issues.

Is it both arms? I hang out w/a few amputees and we all kinda do “problem solving”. I only see 2 options: leave the towel hanging behind the door, close door and rub head into towel instead of regular way, or keep blow dryer plugged in( in a safe manner) skip towel put dryer some place so you don’t have to hold it- rest is self explanatory. Or there’s MY personal favorite- dry shampoo it’s awesome. I’m so sorry it’s both the arms cuz I’ve got tons of tricks on using just one. It does give you a totally different view on legs tho doesn’t it? IMO they’re overrated kinda like boobs but yeah arms are very hard to do without. Feel your pain

Hi Jeff no lectures from me - absolutely your decision whether to give up cigs or not - your body - your life - giving up won't cure you but may prolong your life - your choice - as far as Doctors/treatment concerned they have I believe a duty of care - whatever your decision if they refused all patients who made in their eyes bad choices they would have few left so good luck to you whatever - take care xx

Hi Undine Ssen lung doc he said my numb hands caused by that blood acid stuff or what ever YET did not offer any treatment options just said I will see you next year.

Sure am not mad would luv to give up but I have never found it so hard .. tried vaping ant that irratated my Throat causing me to none cough PATCHES fall of then get physoctic desperate for fag GUM gives me say jar.

I do excise to feel and get numb hands trashed knee .. am thinking when chronicly sick even most simple things are not that easy.

One more thing... I don’t tell anybody anything about smoking anymore. As a former smoker I remember how much I disliked those people along with religious sales representatives, political activists .... as hard as it is as a human I need to know when to keep my opinion. But the FACTS are a different story. I have 6 blood relatives that died of lung cancer from smoking oh an one from second hand. Quitting cigarettes greatly improved my quality of life: teeth are pretty and white, I can wear a T-shirt twice since it doesn’t stink unless I went to the gym. And the yellow patch on my middle finger-it’s gone. Actually got diagnosed w/COPD around same time I quit but I can BREATH! I have a life

PS none of the cool kids smoke anymore

Oh I am truly sorry. Did somebody tell you life was easy? THEY LIED. Yup I tried patches-super psychotic nightmares. Gum yup jaw too sore( I’ve got TMJ not suppose to chew gum) I quit by cutting back everyday til I was down to one. Put it out threw away the whole ash tray as I cursed it in the trash can. Went a year before I hid and smoked one then went home and got SO busted. My family was so mad you’de of thought I robbed a bank or committed murder. I don’t sneak one at all for past 5yrs. Plus karma got me hard on it. Got pneumonia and ended in his. Totally not worth it

Hi Jeff, it’s your choice to smoke, or not to smoke. I have never smoked, but my family did. I know how difficult it can be to give up, not from personal experience but observation of others who are trying to stop smoking. However As the Tobacco companies pay billions in taxes.

2017 £13, billion was pain in UK to Inland Revenue. Out if that £5,Billion was given to NHS, therefore smokers deserve the treatment they need. As they have contributed towards that money to the NHS. I have always been anti smoking but I would never criticise smokers health rights anymore than I would alcoholics or Bariatrics ie massively obese. They pay their taxes to the revenue as well. Smoking, boozing and all food and drink junk food and healthy which are bought and paid for, are contributing to the government and NHS. So you should continue your check ups.

As they would say in Law Courts.

I rest my case.

Hi Daisy thanks for reply AND defo agree about TAX and smoking.

Occupational dieases like asthma are bad for you should people be punished for going to work ASO healthy CF carriers who work in health care are more at risk of dieases and illness SHOULD they not be given health benefits sickness given its inherit flaw.

WORLD is full of hypocrisy really ... I don’t drink SO would never say drinkers or those who like one pie to many should not be treated.

Yet smokers seem to be unfairly targeted.

Sounds like you are a complex case with your various problems. When you say ‘AS’, do you mean Ankylosing Spondylitis? You mentioned that you don’t want to have pneumonia again - have you had your vaccinations for this and other things e.g. Hib and influenza? The latter one will start next month.

Re the smoking, I am not sure whether doctors can refuse to treat you as they have a duty of care. You could check that out though. With all your problems I expect that smoking is a comfort. I think you just have to weigh up if it is more important to smoke or to try to improve your health. Even if you do stop it will take a while to feel the benefits. Hopefully you will eventually be able to come to a decision about the matter.

Hi Bella thanks for reply YER I have regular flu jabs but do have immunity issues .. mainly IGM antibody issue’s AM one poit from reciveing IGM injections SO guess that makes me fine.

On issue smoking sure I would like to give up BUT given new issues SEEMs like thankless task.

I can see why you think it is a thankless task because even if you do stop smoking it is not going to cure your other problems. It sounds as if you are really struggling with these. Smoking can make you feel temporarily comforted so that may be why you are not able to give up. Have you thought about having some counselling? It might help you. GPs sometimes have counsellors within their practice so perhaps you could ask about this.

Tell yourself you don't smoke. Stop smoking with a mate helps. I am sure the folk on here wouldn't mind a daily update from you letting us know how you are getting on without a cig. Get some patches, or some lozenges or a vape. I found a vape good to start with then went onto lozenges £7 a week from Tesco or Sainsbury (own brand) . You will cough a bit while the gunge comes up, but it is just the rubbish leaving your body. You will feel so much healthier, food tastes better, house and clothes and hair smell better. It really is worth the effort. Best of all, you can tell those doctors you have stopped. Wa hey! good luck

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