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Great news for my sis!

Hi everyone! So I wrote a couple weeks ago about my sister having constructive broncholitis..For all these years NOT knowing how she got BO and her pulmonologist saying it makes no sense because a tumor she had was removed could not cause lung damage...My sister knew she felt bad during the same time they found and removed the tumor... She was healthy before...I googled a doctor who specializes in that kind of tumor..we NOW know that certain kinds of. Castlemans Tumors go straight to attack the lungs...He wants to make sure all the tumor cells are out!She sees him tomorrow!He also referred her to a specialist in BO! Im soo happy because I feel like she's finally being listened to and being put in the right direction for maintaining this awful disease.

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Great news for your sister Danielle. Xxxxx


Thanks ❤

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Glad that things are finally being understood and that she is going to see the right people. There was another member here a year or two ago who had something similar; lung surgery that triggered Obliterative Bronchiolitis. Some on here say that OB is an autoimmune disease. I’m not sure about that but it behaves like one, ie it goes on producing scar tissue after it has done the healing job.

Keep us posted

All the best

Kate x


I will ❤


Good news for you both that you will now feel much more confident and supported.

Very best to you both.



Im so pleased for you both...good luck with the new specialist and treatments 💞


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