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Hi, I'm Marie Love. I have chronic asthma...I'm 54. I was diagnosed at 50 with COPD. I went for second opinion and did the hour long spirometry testing. My pulmonary doctor conclusion was chronic asthma. I'm still on same medications as I was when diagnosed earlier. I know asthma is part of COPD. I have alot of anxiety with this. I wake up at night with anxiety and trouble taking a breath in. So I do breathing excersizing in middle of the night. I walk, lost some weight and need to lose more. For me this is a daily struggle to know I have a lung disease. I did smoke a long time, so I know it's my fault. Thanks for welcoming in the group!!

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Hi and welcome to the group Marie..don't beat yourself up about the fans be proud that you've got off them.I think most of us on here get anxious at times I know I definitely do and once again welcome great people on here and we're in this together 😊 your doing all the right things to help yourself


Hello Marie and welcome to the group, hope you are doing well. It's always nice to have new friends we look forward to your posts. Take care 😊 Bernadette xx

Welcome Marie, good to meet you. You can only do your best so look after yourself and stay as well as you can. Xxxx


Hi, a warm welcome to you Marielove 😀

Hi Marie and welcome. xx 🙋🌸

Welcome Marielove. Might be a good idea to check with your consultant about whether you might have reflux. Asthma and copd breathing are both characterised by difficulty breathing OUT, whereas with reflux Ive read that the difficulty tends to be breathing IN which is what you mention.

The fact that this is happening at night could also indicate reflux since when you lie down, gravity tends to allow the acid to get into your airways (this is called silent reflux).

Please note though, this is not a diagnosis - we are not allowed to do that on the forum - but a suggestion based on what you've said. You could see whether raising the head of your bed helps and sleeping on your left hand side helps with this problem.

Spacecat1 in reply to O2Trees

Yes get them yo check for the reflux my sister was told she had copd. ( which I do have) and after a lot more tests and check ups it turned out to be reflux for her which we were pleased for her and they changed meds and now totally different person. Wish that could have happened to me. Oh well you learn to live with the illness you have with the help and encouragement from your friends on blf. We are all here to help each other through the bad days and hopefully so we can have some good days.


Hello Marielove - welcome to our friendly group. Many people, and I am one, got a lung problem and had never smoked. Well, apart from a Woodbine that a family friend suggested I try a puff when I was 14- it was so awful that it put me off for life so she did me a good favour! Yes, smoking can be a contributory factor but lots of people have smoked and never had any problems. It sounds as if you are not smoking now and also exercising so you are doing well.

Marielove - do not blame yourself. Asthma is not due to smoking although it is always better not to smoke at all. You don't say what treatment you are on but it sounds like you are unstable at the moment so perhaps you should ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant.

Welcome Marie, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have, There's usually someone amongst us that can reply. Oh and you can just drop in to have a moan if you feel like it - or a laugh. Sheila x

Welcome to the HealthUnlocked family Marielove x

Welcome. A great group here.

Hello there and its great you've finally found us. Have a good read through some older articles,or recent ones....what I mean is,familiarise yourself with all the topics we discuss here. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine and I look forward to getting to know you. Enjoy your weekend.

Welcome to the group, I am sure you will find lots of useful info on here and many new freinds.

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