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I was on here awhile ago.just wanted to let the people know that tried to help me i am doing better.i am having no problems breathing and havent used the inhaler in quite awhile. i am able to do whatever i want swim,walk,work with no only worry now and i cant get it out of my mind is a new roomate came in this house 2 days ago and my biggest worry for several months was that the person was going to be a smoker and of course with my luck he is. the first day he was here i told him i have mild copd and he promised me he would not smoke in the house at all told me he was a former home owner and never smoked in his house. problem is i dont trust people terrible way to be i know but i cant question is will i be able to smell it if he is smoking in here . i am a former smoker of course and am worried i wont realize it till i have problems.keeps me up at night. going to have landlady who lives in the same house in the back casually mention it to him that you are not allowed to smoke in here. as a former smoker will i be able to smell it rather quickly cause it makes me paranoid being im doing so good and basically have no symptoms now at all cause i am really taking care of myself.i have an air purifier in my room going 24-7 but it just makes me nervous cause i have finally been able to relax now .

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Hi, no need to worry I am a former smoker and can always smell it . I don't blame you for having a quiet word with your landlady, just explain the situation and I am sure they will understand how important it is for both yourself and your health. Good luck and please keep posting to let us know how you are doing.😊 xx Bernadette

Stay relaxed hope as you are doing so well now. I’m sure your landlady will have a word so try not to worry.

Take care and be well. Xxxx

I think you would get a lot more pollution from traffic than from a smoker somewhere in the house so stop worrying. x


It is illegal to smoke in the communal areas of a House of Multiple occupation, which I guess is the status of the building that you live in. The landlord is obliged by law to display notices to the effect in those communal areas. The landlord can also write into the contract that smoking is banned in the individually rented rooms but I doubt whether yours will do that. The landlord and the smoker are liable if a tenant smokes in the shared areas. I hope that Stone will appear with a relevant link or you can easily find the law by googling. Hope that helps a bit.

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I told my landlady today and she told me you are not allowed to smoke in the house.i told her i asked him not to smoke in here and he said he never smokes in the house.problem is he is a human being and as far as humans go i dont trust them. he could not care less about me believe me i am not naive .terrible way to look at things but its the truth.driving me crazy thinking this idiot is in his room smoking ,i dont smell anything and yesterday he was outside smoking.i will get my landlady to say something tomorrow about not ever being allowed to smoke in the house and then i am buying a cheap sign to put on the door that says no smoking allowed.other roomate says he can smell it right away if he is smoking and would tell me.terrible dam thing to have to worry about this when it took me 2 months to calm down from first being diagnosed.its like it never ends.would get my own place but cant afford it but hell i am serious thinking about moving up north to connecticut and getting the hell out of florida soon.miss the mountains and woods terribly.

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I see that you live in the US so the British law which Stone and I have been talking about doesn’t apply. I’m sorry I don’t know the law in the US. What I would say is that you and the other tenant can’t smell the smoke if he is smoking in his room, then it can’t be affecting your copd. You need to be breathing in the smoke for it to affect you although I do agree that the smell is disgusting.

It may be that in the US if the landlady has made no smoking a condition of occupation then he cannot smoke ondoors. Try to relax about it and if you do smell smoke then take it up with your landlady.

HungryHufflepuff in reply to Hidden

I think RedSox is in the US and seems to be very knowledgeable. A lot of people here are very knowledgeable of course but I don't know who's in the US.

It's really good to hear from you Hope132 and to know you're doing better. Your concerns about people smoking are understandable but try to not worry too much (always easy for other people to say) because stress and anxiety aren't good either. Talk with your landlady if you suspect the person is smoking but try to not let the fear of something that may not happen consume your life. So easy for me to say, of course.

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Similar laws in Florida

stone-UK in reply to Hidden


Not much hope really.


Can I stop my tenant from smoking?

In reality, there’s probably nothing a landlord can be do to stop a tenant from smoking in the property, even if the tenant signed a tenancy agreement which states that smoking is not permitted inside the property. The landlord’s grounds to evict the tenant for breach of the lease (Ground 12: The tenant has broken one or more of the terms of the tenancy agreement, except the obligation to pay rent.) are enforced at the discretion of the court, and a court is very unlikely to grant possession because the tenant is smoking in the property, especially if the tenant is paying rent on time. As far as I’m concerned, the law definitely needs to change. But at this point of time, it’s probably not worth trying to go down the legal route if you want to evict your tenant for smoking inside the property. You’ll most likely end up throwing money down the drain. conducted a survey which found that 38% of private landlords would evict tenants who smoked inside their property to rent. However, I doubt any of those landlords actually have evicted a tenant for that reason.

In the event where you have caught your tenant smoking inside, or you suspect they have been, the best approach is to ask them to only smoke outside. Nicely, of course.

for me she would kick him out.been renting from her for a long time, like family.if she didnt i would health is to important.dont think he is smoking in here dont smell anything just want to be sure and for me she will tell him absolutely no smoking or you are i said he is gone or im gone cant have it fond of breathing.probably would be the last straw for me anyway had enough of living with strangers pack my stuff and head up to beautiful connecticut to live with a friend.thanks for telling me the info appreciate it.

It's great to hear from you again hope132, and to know you're feeling so much more relaxed about your diagnosis that you haven't needed to use your inhaler so much.

As an ex smoker I can confirm you'd be able to detect the smell of smoke very quickly, so try not to worry about that. You're taking the right steps anyway, using an air purifier.

I'm also with you about moving back to a place where you're known and a friend who can support you. It seems to make living with a long term medical condition so much easier. Do let us know how you get on.

hope132 in reply to Ergendl

yeah thanks for responding .i dont smell anything and neither does other guy an he says he can smell it a mile away.landlady said she was going to say something so he dont smoke in here.i tell you dude i have just about had enough anyway of living with total strangers. this guy is incredibly weird he hasnt left his room in like over 24 hrs the tv and light are on 24 hours a day ,who doesnt leave a room ever not to eat or go to bathroom i beginning to think he is dead and if he leaves eventually another weirdo is right behind him.i have some money in stocks not alot but enough to leave florida ,hate it hear miss mountains and woods and there is nothing but that in connecticut where my friend lives.only problem is i have done machine shop work most of my life and i am worried about doing that again breathing in all kinds of garbage.i will tell you i dont even have any symptoms of this since i calmed down all my breathing problems where from panic attacks and hyper ventalating. havent used inhaler 1 time in over a week just cut lawn in 90 degree heat nothing happens,swim,walk,work long as i stay calm and dont imagine i cant breath i am fine.been eating right,exercising and in my mind i am preparing myself for a move.might wait till april so i get more money in stocks but i have to leave here i will go insane.always worried i will get worse but dr and other people have told me i could stay the same if i dont smoke and take care of myself and only go down like a normal person with age.why worry anyway it does no good.just want to get a job up north and spend all my free time hiking and fishing in the mountains away from people its my favorite thing to do and i miss it dearly. thanks for the response and take care.

Hope unless the smoke makes you poorly which is very unlikely at your mild stage then to be honest you are worrying about nothing. It is not going to make you worse by having a smoker in another part of the house. Nor is someone in the communal areas smoking going to hurt your lungs either. The smell might be unpleasant but it is not going to give you lung cancer or cause you to get worse. Think of all the cigarettes you smoked in the past so this is nothing compared to that.

Unless you are a hermit it is impossible to avoid smokers entirely and like I said you are in much more danger from traffic and everyday pollution. The only sure way to avoid any pollution is to wear a mask when you go out .

Hi hope 132 sounds like you are doing brill now👏👏 hope all goes well with the new roommate I’m sure the word from the landlady will have made things clear to him. Keep well.

i live in florida and i hate it with a passion.morons live here i miss jersey but it is so expensive there i cant go back,when i left was paying 600 a month now its 1,300 a month for an apartment.i like the beach but it cant compare to the woods.the sounds the smell the quiet and no people and the fishing that is my first love.have a friend in conn.been asking me to move there for years can stay with him till i get my act together.appalacian trail right behind his in 5 minutes,mountains woods as far as the eye can see.he takes the dogs down there and stands in the water and fishes.have to leave here i have made up my mind leaving in april make more money in my stocks cash out goodbye,only live once.have zero symptoms now eat right exercise every dam day plan to keep it right were it is cant worry or try not to, have to see the mountains and woods again .where are you from.believe me up north better then the south 95 degrees everyday for 9 months with unbearabale humidity.crowded and the people are morons.cant wait to leave gonna call my firend tonight probably tell him to tell the dogs uncle larry coming up in april lol.write back going to beach now, later.

i never got a shot for flu etc in my life i dont trust them should i now and what kind.what part of jersey u from. i lived in north jersey butler nj to be exact beautiful there ,mountains and woods everywhere give my right arm to get back.

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