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Posture, body shape and airway clearance


Hi guys,

I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis about 9 months ago now and I have been getting to grips with several really helpful management techniques that I mostly learnt through you guys! They have meant that whilst I have had some bouts of severe mucus production thanks to (I think) the extremes of hot and cold we've experienced, I've not had an infection (touch wood!) since I have been diagnosed.

I continue to concentrate on my immune system and lung clearance. I have Mother in Law's Tongue in our house, I huff regularly and use my Aerobika, and take garlic, eucalyptus and other helpful types every day to keep my immune system doing the goods.

In an effort to continually improve my understanding of how best to treat my body, I am wondering about my posture during the day at work. I am a video producer, so most of the time I'll be sitting at a desk cutting films. At the moment I actually slouch quite a bit (I'm doing it right now!) so my lungs are nearly perpendicular with the floor. It has occurred to me that it isn't the best for my puffbags (let alone the rest of the body). I am considering getting an adjustable desk so I can go between sitting and standing during the day, but am unsure if it is crucial.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Thanks again for all of your help, you're all awesome :)



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Interesting thought Paul. I too have bronchiectasis plus asthma and have a constant supply of mucous. Like you I clear my lungs regularly and try to keep active. Our bodies are not designed to be still or in one position for too long. My trusty Fitbit reminds me every hour to move every waking hour in addition to the walking I do every day to get to the ‘magic’ 10,000 steps a day. If you have a standing position alternating with sitting I am sure that will help you in general but not sure what impact it would have on mucous production. But surely worth a try!

Pilates! It has excellent breathing and posture techniques.

I used to be a potter and found an osteopathic stool absolutely brilliant for my back. It has a sloping seat, higher at the back than the front, and a lower level to rest your knees on. It's extremely difficult to slouch when using one.

A colleague has a desk that she sits or stands at depending on her back pain. It made a great difference. Obtained through access to work. Hope you can find solution,it's no joke not being able to sit comfortably.

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