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Knee Replacement with COPD


I have COPD I was due a knee replacement operation yesterday, but I walked away from the hospital, I saw the consultant 8 weeks ago and he ran through it with me,but didn’t tell this, ok, yesterday I had a bruise on my knee, in a very abrupt manner he said “what’s that” I said why is it a problem he said could be, then went on to say that there are complications about this op and in the end said that I could die within 2 months of having op, it takes 6 weeks to get over it and the last 2 weeks I could be preparing my funeral, I know it’s possible I could live on, but losing a friend who did die after having this procedure it wasn’t a nice thing to hear on the twelve hour. I’m angry, tearful, upset to think I had prepared myself for this, then that happened, I know they have to tell you things but to say that, on my next step into

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No wonder your upset. Which hospital was this in the u.k.? I have copd, a.f, and enlarged heart and both my knees have been replaced. At least you should have been given details before arriving at the hospital. Hope you manage to get some pain relief. Take care.

I was very upset, now my husband is saying he doesn’t want me to have it done at all, I’m 74 and have been told I could be totally disabled in three years time, but my husband has said I will look after you. Thank you

It was Lewisham hospital in London.

How horrible. You should have had warnings. To find out so close to the procedure is awful.. I hope you get good pain relief. Live and best wishes to you. Alison

Thank you so much, my husband doesn’t want me to have it done at all now, I am upset as I was told that I could be totally disabled in three years, but he said I will look after you. I have booked an appointment to see my GP who originally advised me to have my knee done he is on holiday till the 20th, it has upset me terrible I’m 74, thank you for replying to me.

I really feel for you Tess. I would ask to see another consultant and carefully consider any other options. The pain is awful to live with so I hope they can help you there. We are all rooting for you. ❤️

Thank you so much xxxx

No wonder you’re upset, I’m indignant on your behalf too! It’s only right to be given all the facts, including any risks of having the surgery. But you should have been told about that when you saw the consultant 8 weeks ago so that you could make an informed decision. Not turn up expecting the procedure, and at that time be told it’s risky.

Can you see someone else and get a second opinion? I hope something can be sorted out for you.

Thank you so much for your reply I have booked to see my GP at the moment he is on holiday. My husband doesn’t want me to have the procedure done at all now, I have 2 sons and a daughter, they are grown up as I’m 74 and they are saying the same. I am so upset and angry I can’t get over it, it will take me a while now.

That is absolutely dreadful ! I know they have to give these dire warnings but the time for that is not the morning you've psyched yourself up to face an operation. Try not to let it upset you sweetheart. Sheila xx

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Thank you Sheila, now the whole of my family don’t want me to go ahead with it anymore, I have an appointment with my GP on the 20th to tell him what happened. I’m 74 and it has really shocked me, I’ve been very tearful everytime I think about it. Many thanks for reply to me xx

Yes, I had a horrible orthopaedic surgeon for my knee replacement, and terrible aftercare when I finally had it, leaving me with permanent damage to my lower right leg. However, the nerve and muscle damage is much less painful than the pain I had in my knee before the operation.

Before I had my knee replacement at the young age of 49, I kept myself going despite the pain by wearing elastic knee bandages, and then tight trousers and jeans with elastane in the cloth. These acted like soft splints and took a lot of the pain away, which meant that I was able to put off the procedure for about 8 years.

Thank you for your reply, I certainly won’t be rushing back to this surgeon, for a start he needs lessons in COMPASION, I am in pain and I take gabapentin tablets which help and I must be honest since my GP said take 2 at night I’m sleeping pretty well. He should have told me when I first saw him 8/10 weeks ago, I could have taken more advice, I am totally devastated over this experience, being 74 is not easy to get over a shock like that. I said to my family that if I wanted to die that quick I would commit suicide, rather than sit down and count my days thinking will I die at the end, would I relax No. Thank you again. X

Perhaps I am missing something but why would you be at more risk than others having this procedure? I agree I would be apprehensive about having the operation as well, given what the doctor told you, I’m just not sure why you are ata higher risk.

Me neither, I saw him 8/weeks before the op, I asked him why did you not tell me about it then, he did not answer me, quite honestly it was a mess right from the start, I don’t know what part of the country you live in, I’m in London, now the doctor refers you to a clinic they asses you, they send you a letter with patient choice of hospitals, I chose 2 hospitals that I wanted, 1st one no trauma team there, second it’s such a long wait, why don’t you choose another, I chose one that is just round the corner from where I live, then I go to see consultant the one that does the op, never told me anything except you will be going into Lewisham hospital, not my choice, as the one you chose dosent do the op. Moves my leg about ok you will get a phone call, I did, got a letter to attend pre assessment which I did spent 4 hours they have lost my X-rays. Then I get letter to go in. Well I will end now. Sorry it’s so long. I’m 74 I don’t need all this.

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Wow, that is really unfortunate to say the least. Seems like a no win situation. So sorry to hear neither option seems to be a solution.

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