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Hi there, I’m currently on holiday in Sri Lanka. Arrived here and 4 days in (2 weeks ago) felt I was short of breath. Didn’t think much of it. It then happened again but had good and bad days of it. I went to a doctor who said I have an inflamed left lung, gave me some antibiotics and anti inflammatory (3 days worth). Anyway, it didn’t get any better and it was now the chest is consistently having bad days. Went back to a doctor, who said it’s a viral or bacterial infection (again), gave me more antibiotics. I hasn’t got any better so went to a hospital, had an x ray and a ECG (ECG was fine, x Ray is apparently a little hazy around the lungs). The doctor at the hospital said it is likely more muscular and that would explain why the medication hasn’t been working. However I’m just so confused. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Very little to no pain in the chest and shortness of breath (that has seemed to get worse over 2 weeks) and also I seem to be swallowing a lot (but nothing really coming up). I’m coming home soon but I feel I’m starting to panic because of it too (which makes it worse), can anyone offer any help/ advice?

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