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Lunar eclipse


There's supposed to be a lunar eclipse happening right now, supposedly the best one there's going to be this century. I'm standing looking out of the window waiting for something spectacular to happen. Today I had shakey arms and kept dropping things (what's that about?!) and felt tired and out of breath and here I am looking out to infinity and suddenly everything seems incredible and beautiful. I hope you all can find something magnificent to make you feel awesome this evening.


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too much cloud cover oop north,you need to look towards the south east between 21.00 and 22.30 for any chance of seeing it and Mars will appear below the rising moon as a red star....good luck.......Ski's and scruffs x

Sat waiting on the patio. No blood moon but a police helicopter to keep me amused. Did Mars yesterday.

Well I didn't see it which is a pity but it still was quite a meditative experience. 🌃


Weather pretty awful so didn't see it sadly. However on the bright side lots of rain falling to help the parched earth recover. ......... It could have waited a few hours though !! 😉

Living in Spain with a wonderful clear night, the eclipse was fantastic never seen one so clear before. Hope everyone is breathing better now the temperature is more normal. It’s forecast to be 37 degrees here today, thankfully it doesn’t seem to affect my husband.

I looked too but so much cloud that the moon wasn't visible. Very disappointed.

Didn't see a thing but on the bright side we did have the grandaddy

of a thunder storm...😀


The universe always puts on a spectacular display, even if it’s not the one we were hoping to see!

Oh I'm so jealous but here in South East London the sky is so full of pollution, I've had my son on the rear garden and me watching the front view.....but alas... Not a glimmer...........gutted!!! Congrats to you though.

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