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Fundraising fun for BLF!


Hi all,

Fancy having some fun with fundraising?

Follow these three easy steps to donate €10 euros to the BLF (without even opening your wallet!)

1) Order your FREE Pari T-shirt today (max 2 per household – get family and friends involved!)

2) Get multiple photos of yourself and friends or family wearing your PARI T- shirt, engaging in some form of activity! (for every photo we get a donation – so snap away!)

3) Submit your photos via email or Facebook and the €10 donation will be made to the BLF!

Follow this link for more instructions and order your T-shirt today

We’d also love to see your photos posted up on here 😊

Best wishes,


P.S. The photo above is two of my colleagues from BLF's head office showing off the shirt!

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dodgylungrunnerBritish Lung Foundation

I just did another run this morning in my PARI t-shirt. Bit of a struggle but nice to know that just by posting a photo of me in the t-shirt to the PARI boy Facebook page I was able to earn 10 euros the BLF at the same time. Will upload a post with my photo now Hidden but not sure how I tag the charity. Anyone have any ideas?

in reply to dodgylungrunner

Hi Andy, HU's platform doesn't allow you to tag individual organisations, you can only tag individual users , the best work around would be to put a brand new post up (as you can't add photos onto existing threads) :-)



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