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Post Lung Transplant & Dental Implant

Hi I had a lung transplant 6 years ago and am doing very well.

My questions is: has anyone ever had a dental implant after a lung transplant and how do it go. I am trying to decide if I should have one. Need your help.

Thanks everyone

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Hello crazy1050 .

I think this is something you need to discuss with your transplant team or your current respiratory doctor, although I am sure your immunosuppressive medication is far less than what you used to take. 😊 Probably better to be safe.

Have a good weekend.

Cas xx 🌸


Transplant team gives the okay but I am still uncertain, so afraid of infection.

Have a lot of thinking to do.

Thanks for your response, it helps.

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Understandable. Is it just one implant? They will be very cautious I am sure. Take care. xx 🌿


You would be able to take antibiotics if you did get an infection wouldn’t you? I completely understand your apprehension just the same. I have four implants but as others have stated have not had a transplant either nor am I taking immunosuppressants. Is this to replace a front tooth where the missing tooth is very noticeable?


No it is for the side toward the back however the tooth which would be used for an anchor is not in the best of shape and could very possibly need to be removed. I do not want a removable bridge as this could also cause infection and irritation to the gums. This bridge would include 3 teeth. I take antibiotics before any dental procedure and, if necessary, after.

I will be seeing my transplant doctor the first week in August and will discuss this further with her. I have also called the surgeon in order to get his opinion.

I will make my decision after speaking with both of them.

Did you experience this metal taste in your mouth that I have been reading about?

Thanks for your input.


No, no metal taste in my mouth. Has been very positive for me. I would not want a removable bridge either. If I understand correctly they are going to do a three tooth bridge, with one end anchored with an implant and the other with a natural tooth? If that is what they are proposing I would ask for a second opinion as from my experience you should never use a natural tooth with an implant to anchor the same bridge as a natural tooth has a shock absorber of sorts built in, and thus has some movement, while an implant is solid with no movement so you will have problems with the bridge.


I believe the three teeth will be anchored to the post.

It's been a little confusing lately between the root canal and this. Just made an appointment with the oral surgeon for consultation. I can clarify all my concerns with him and my transplant doctor who I see the day before the surgeon.

You have be a great help, Thank you!


Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it goes.


Hi. I had an implant 2 years ago, got it through Groupon! Went to a clinic in Harley Street that was spotless. Had tooth out there too. The whole process took a few months what with healing in between etc but I did not get any pain whatsoever and no infection. I haven't had a lung transplant but was on leflunamide, hydroxychloriquin and no doubt during the treatment steroids I would say if you're happy with the clinic then go for it. Good luck x


I have read that some people experience a metal taste in their mouth after an implant. Did you have an issue with this?


I haven't had any problems at all. The only time I get that'metal' taste is when on antibiotics. I am more than pleased with the result x


Thank you,


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