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Hi Everyone,

My mum is really ill with COPD, she lives on her own and cannot sleep.

She is so exhausted, her doctor has prescribed sleeping drugs but they haven't really worked for her.

I'm desperate for her to sleep as it is making her condition worse, has anyone got any knowledge or used the Soemac (Oxygen Energy Unit) that is online, it's over £400.00 so don't want to waste her money if no help.


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Hello Dawn, welcome to the forum.

If you type Soemac in the 'Search British Lung Foundation' box it will bring up many previous discussions on this and give you several different views on it.

It is a lot of money. If you are thinking of improving air quality for your mum, have a look at oxygen generating house plants. Much cheaper, lovely to look at, and in my opinion, having read some of the articles about Soemac, a much better use of your mum's money.

It could be some of the drugs your mum has been given are causing her insomnia. Steroids in particular can have that effect. And this heat doesn't help.

I don't want to irritate you by reciting things you can do to help her relax and sleep as I'm sure you've tried them all. Most important perhaps is that she is comfortable in bed. Does she like to be propped up? I know some of our members find they sleep best in a comfy armchair.

I hope more members will be along with helpful suggestions. Your mum is lucky to have you looking after her.

Best wishes, Jan :)

Hi Dawn, jabber has given some good advice. My best buy has been an electric bed from HSL about £600/700 including mattress can adjust top and raise legs etc all at the push of buttons which as I on my own has been a godsend to get comfortable - 5 yr guarantee had mine 3 yrs now no problems great firm would thoroughly recommend much better use of money than dodgy science machines - good luck to your Mum xxx

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