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Deception COPD


Sitting on my sofa breathing fine. Think I can go and do some prep for tomorrow. Let's make hay while the sun shines. Get to the lounge door and find out that I was being deceived. I can actually get a cuppa or go to the loo. Panic! Which do I need most. So much for tomorrow. Oh well. I'll wee and tea and wait and see. Tomorrow is another day. At least I believed I was fit for a while. Hope I feel the same tomorrow. And hope the same for you. Chins up everyone. Big smile ☺ ☺☺love Patsy 💋

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Patsy that's brilliant and think we have all been there 😊

You made me smile Patsyann and glad you made the right decision. New day today, take care xxxx 😀😘

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