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Recurrent pneumonia & respiratory consultant


Hello! I'm hoping to get some useful advice before my first meeting with a respiratory consultant tomorrow. I've had recurrent pneumonia for the last year and a half. Recent CT scan was fine and showed no underlying disease. I'm female, 47 years, non smoker with asthma and take beclametasone (1 puff morning & night).

What sort of things should I ask him? What sort of things will they suggest / do at my appointment?

I just seem to go from one chest infection to another...

Thanks for your help.

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How is your health generally besides the chest infections? Infections are normally opportunistic. I am just wondering if you are now so run down that your ability to resist infection as been compromised. Perhaps you are not giving your body a chance to recover and doing too much following an infection. A look at your lifestyle and diet my help.

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Before the first pneumonia my health was generally very good. Ironically I'm in best shape last few months as eating healthily, lost weight, getting decent rest etc. We even had to rehome our cat with a friend as I've a slight allergy. I've been trying to give myself the very best possible chance to get well.


There's your first question why so many chest infections and can I suggest you write questions down..Ger


An excellent idea to go to your appointment armed with questions for the consultant.

Why not call the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555) and speak to one of the advisors? I'm sure they'd have some good suggestions for you.

Good luck :)

Good luck for today. Do let us know how you get on.

Hi , GMcC2 , was reading your post ( I know it was a while ago ) , but how did you get on With the consultant and how are you doing now ?

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