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restrictive / obstructive lung disease are they both COPD ?


HI I am new to this site and I am so pleased I have stumbled across it.

I am hoping someone could help me understand restrictive lung disease with diffusion, is this COPD ?

What treatments are available for this condition, are treatments the same as COPD ?

is it possible restrictive lung disease can be cured

Does restrictive lung disease. With diffusion progress rapidly or is it a gradual progression

Thank you for your help in advance

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Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Copd covers both emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are obstructive lung diseases. It doesn't cover restrictive ones because the treatments are different. x

Thank you x


Welcome to the Forum

Bit of light reading for you.

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Thank you , x

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Good link thanks.


Welcome to the neighbourhood,you'll find a good of knowledgeable and understanding people here


I think I have both..because I have LAM so cysts obstruct my airways and lung degeneration restricts my lung capacity..swimming is a good exercise for both as well as respiratory physiotherapy.

Welcome to the site, I think the posts above will be very helpful to you. Do you have COPD?

Thank you for your reply , no I do not have COPD but my partner was diagnosed with it a few years back, I was confused about the two as my partner was diagnosed by his gp which I have from his medical records with COPD back in 2010, I requested his critical care notes in 2016 the notes stated that my partners GP had returned the phone call to critical care when my partner was an inpatient and stated there was a spirometry test done in 2010 but no formal report documented and a repeat spirometry was not able to be performed again , he also added that no nebs had been prescribed so iam not sure if this would be classed as a diagnosis or not ,after flicking further though through the critical care notes I noticed my partner had a respiratory lung function test done in 2014 and the diagnosis was restrictive with diffusion , no mention of COPD I don't no what to make of this.should his medical records have been changed to restrictive lung disease or should COPD have been left as a diagnosis

Restrictive lung function is more like asthma and the like, some doctors use COPD to denote more serious lung desease. COPD usually is diaganosed following hospital tests not merely a spirometer reading. but in view of the circumstances its irrelevant unless you want to take your partners case further. In which case these details are very relevant and maybe should be discussed with someone more ediucated in lung disease like maybe British Lung Foundation. Best wishes, take care and have a good day. I 'm off to hospital today.

Welcome to our forum, you will find loads of info here especially with breathing ,clearing and maintenance of these conditions. Good luck to you.


Hi does anyone on here have cop ? It’s an interstitial lung disease ( cryptagenic organising pneumonia) I l know it’s a rare disease,I never here anyone talk about the it on here xx

Google it I was told small airways disease its the same as COPD I think COPD is used as a umbrella for a few things...

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