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Went to see specialist today he didnt really mention much about my breathing test so must be ok ish but he is going to ring me tomorrow with a apointment to see the head man has he said because of symptoms i get i may have Asthma with COPD which is rare ? But wasnt i treated for Asthma for many years he was lovely though and said that he will get me into rehab and find thee right meds lol x

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Hi s4m, I hope you do get the right medicines and don’t have to wait too long for rehab.

I do wish you well. Xxxx

Hoping he does get the right meds for you, shadow4me. Didn't realise that COPD with asthma was rare, as I have both, and my previous husband Bob had both too. Certainly worth doing the rehab. All the best.

I have had both bronchial Asthma and allergic Asthma all my life, and they told me I had COPD as well five years ago, ie, lung obstruction due to all the infections across the years damaging the lungs. It seems to me that if you have had Asthma since the, say, 1960s and have needed inhaled steroids most of that time, and many many courses of oral steroids, then the chances are that the lungs are getting damaged and they have become fixed (as in COPD). The telltail signs, in my opinion, are a peak flow best figure which is very slow to recover after a bad chest infection, and never recovers to what it was before ( we are talking 6 months and longer here). The best thing is the Specialist Severe Asthma Clinics, you need to get referred to one of them. I go to Addenbrooks. There are others around the country, Brompton and Southampton spring immediately to mind. You may also need your immune levels checked out, a blood test to find out the level of antibodies you are producing, so if they have not thought of that and you are getting loads of infections, ask the doctors to look into that to see if you need referring to the Immunology clinic. Just remember, you are not alone, and if we can offer you the benefit of our experience, just message.

I never needed steroids for my Asthma and mostly suffered upper airway infections until in 2013 they said it was now COPD it baffles me x

i have just read your other messages and note that you smoked for 45 years and are trying, or have quit. That itself could be why you have been diagnosed with COPD, nothing to do with your Asthma.

Whether it be smoking, or lung damage caused by Asthma made worse with infections either way you are doing the best by quitting smoking and listening to the specialists. I found the Pulmonary Rehabilitation course very useful.

Sorry BUT I KNOW SMOKING was one of the reasons i have a bad chest lol I havent SMOKED for 9months so please dont poke at me we are not all perfect and im sure many on this site have smoked and regret it now Of course i had Asthma for many years according to medics or maybe COPD for decades oh and i have done REHAB and am waiting to go again

Sorry, did not mean to sound preachy.

Hi Shadowforme, sounds like you are about to get some much needed additional help. All the Best Wishes to You!! judg69

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