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I had a Bi-Lobectomy in 2010 and have never flown since. We have been on a lot of cruises but now is the time to consider cheaper breaks with flying. My condition is that I have only 1 lobe in my right lung and become breathless when climbing stairs to our flat also up inclines when walking the dog. I want to fly so where do I start ?

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I'd start with places that are a short flight away like France or Spain and consider booking somewhere fairly flat and where there aren't too many hills and steps.

Insurance can be quite prohibitive but you can use your EHIC card in EU countries. If you go out of season it's much cheaper.

We've had some lovely holidays in May.

Hope you manage to find something suitable


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Unfortunately we do not yet know if EHIC cards will still be valid after we exit the European Union next March.

I’d also suggest a fit to fly test too.


Hi, If you are changing over to flying, always get assisted boarding as this will eliminate any stair walking, they put you in a wheelchair and take you to the aircraft.

Worst scenario is you have to walk to your seat so get something as close to the front as you can, this also puts you nearer to W.C. You may be able to benefit from trials or treatments (like lung valves or coils which only a specialist can decide) depending on your overall health. Oxygen sometimes appears to be a problem, not all airlines supply it.some will not even take you unless you are "fit to fly" which can be determined by your GP. We are about to go the other way but so far cannot find a cruise that will drop us at a port and then collect us again a moth or so later.


Before you look at booking a flight or holiday speak to your consultant or his secretary or even your Gp about having a fit to fly test done. This will be done in the Respiratory centre at you hospital.

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