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TAI-CHI Videos on breathing exercises


As you probably know Tai- chi is considered to be good for those with lung diseases. I found these simple exercises on You tube. I have been diagnosed with mild COPD and I I do these exercises everyday and find them helping.l These exercises are part of the health giving side of Tai Chi called Chi gong.

Warnings. Firstly, and most importantly, I make no claim whatsoever as to the personal benefit/improvement anyone person will gain. Secondly, although Chi Gong is a gentle exercise. I don't know you individually, and therefore have no knowledge of your individual capabilities. Therefore, as with any exercise regime it comes with its own health warning. If you are in anyway unsure of your own capabilities or limits seek medical guidance first.

Having stated those facts. I speak from personal experience, that Tai Chi-Chi Gong has helped me and has helped many others.

I would like to share them with you


Qigong Full 20-Minute Daily Routine


Hope you find this helpful

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Think I'll really try to have a go at these. Thankyou agnesanna. Sheila x

Great news on the Fev1 increase. Mine started at 68% in 2012 and it's now 112% !!!

I couldn't believe it, although, I do still get breathless on exhertion, but my Fibro is making even walking, too exhausting. xx

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